Commissioned Project – Collage Quote Frame!

I am sharing this commissioned project with you all since it is a great DIY project for photos. I was commissioned to do a collage quote frame for the dentist office I used to work for. They wanted to take some of their current patients quotes and place them in a collage to hang on the wall to show all the great things that her patients say about the Doctor. I purchased the collage frames from Wal-Mart and had all the other supplies on hand.

I started with heavy-duty Luxury Stack paper. I used various colors and patterns from this book.

I cut the paper to a 4 x 6 base piece, cut the next size to a 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 and the next size to a 3 x 5. I than used my Cricut “Elegant Border” cartridge to cut out the shapes to place on top of the layered pieces of scrapbook paper. For those of you that have and use the “Elegant Border” cartridge, I used the oblong selection key and had the size dial set to 4. I used my adhesive stick to assemble each layer. I printed all the quotes on a 2 x 4 clear mailing label. I than placed the labels on each scrapbook layered piece. I used my straight edge to trim all the excess label.

I made 2 of these frames and they will be placing them on the wall and staggering them to fill the space.

This was a simple and fun project to complete for the ladies I use to work with. Thank you ladies for thinking of me for all your crafty needs:)

What ideas do you have for a collage frame?

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