Champagne Raspberry Cocktail!

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I can hardly believe that we will be ringing in a new year next week.  We always toast to the new year with a bottle of champagne.  This year I decided to try out some champagne cocktails that we could drink for the evening.  I am really liking how this Champagne Raspberry Cocktail turned out.  

Champagne Raspberry Cocktail -pinnable

While I was shopping at World Market for a few Christmas gifts, I decided to go ahead and purchase our champagne for Christmas day and also for New Year’s Eve.  

Champagne Raspberry Cocktail (1 of 7)

I came across the yummy Rasberry Liqueur and decided that this would mix well with champagne.   Did you know that World Market carried drink mixers and an assortment of spirits?  The Raspberry Liqueur was at my local store, except I was unable to find it online.  Stop over to see the spirit selection from World Market.    I am also crushing on my drink accessories and oh that silver serving tray.  I love serving trays becasue they are so versatile and can be used for decorating as well as serving.  

Champagne Raspberry Cocktail
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  1. 1 shot raspberry liqueur
  2. 1 splash raspberry simple syrup
  3. Champagne, chilled
  1. Begin with two shallow dishes, wide enough for martini glasses.
  2. Fill one dish with a small amount of water and the second with colored sugar.
  3. Dip martini glass into water and let all drips fall off before placing in colored sugar.
  4. Set sugar rimmed glasses aside.
  5. Place a few ice cubs in drink shaker.
  6. Add 1 shot of raspberry liqueur.
  7. Add splash of raspberry syrup.
  8. Shake until blended and chilled.
  9. Pour into sugar rimmed martini glass
  10. Add champagne to martini glass filled with the chilled raspberry liqueur.
  11. Serve garnishments - optional
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 Champagne Raspberry Cocktail (2 of 7)

I would recommend using a dry champagne over a sweet champagne when mixing with the raspberry liqueur.  The raspberry liqueur is sweet so when blended with a dry champagne, it provides a perfect balance of sweet and dry.  

Champagne Raspberry Cocktail

We usually like to stay home for New Years Eve, watch movies and of course, watch the ball drop at midnight.   What about you,  what are your New Years Eve celebrations and traditions?  


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3 Responses to Champagne Raspberry Cocktail!

  1. I love going to World Market and I’ve yet to try this raspberry liqueur. I love that there aren’t too many ingredients and this is so easy to make. For the colored sugar, did you color it yourself? I hope it’s ok that I include this in a round-up of New Year drinks with a link back.

    • Erlene, I used a red colored sugar. This was a hit drink for my family, we don’t have much left of the Raspberry liquor. Thanks for featuring it in your round up!

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