Autumn Tour with My Haven Ladies!

It’s beginning to look like Fall in my parts of Ohio; so I teamed up with a great group of Ladies that I met and bonded with at the Haven Blog Conference, to bring you some Autumn inspirations with our Autumn Tour.   

Autumn Tour

 As much as I am a summer loving gal, I have to admit that Fall is my favorite season.  I love everything about Fall, the colors, the smells, the sounds and the flavors.  This is the one seasons that I truly like to decorate my house for, yes even over Christmas.  

2014 Fall Home Decor- Autumn Tour

Welcome to my Fall decorated home!  My dog Cinnamon aka Photo Bombing Dog is here to give you a BIG Welcome.  Oh,  look who is trying to steal the show, that is Cazador.   Let’ take a look at the outside!  

2014 Fall Home Decor- Quick and easy fall decorating

I love to decorate this spot at the end of our driveway.  I decorate this spot because when people are driving or walking past the house, they can see this area.  

2014 Fall Home Decor-

2014 Fall Home Decor- Fall Decorating

Can you spot the “Fake” pumpkin in this picture?  As much as I love real gourds and pumpkins, I decided it can get really expensive to purchase these every year, so I purchased a few carvable ones this year and they passed the test.  Mr DD could not tell which one was the “Fake”. 

2014 Fall Home Decor- Autumn Decorating

Now let’s take a look at my mantel and living room where I do most of the seasonal decorating.  

2014 Fall Home Decor~ Fall Mantel

My mantel is the one place that I change out for the seasons.  

2014 Fall Home Decor- Canning Lid Pumpkins

I made a few of these canning jar ring pumpkins.  I think this is my favorite decoration this year.  

Using Natural Elements to Decorate

I like to use natural elements when decorating my home, so I use dried flowers and hey why not some pop corn kernels to give the vase some color.  My secret to having vase filler, is to have a vase inside of a vase.  This way you can move the flowers around without messing up the filler.  

2014 Fall Home Decor- Natural Elements for Fall Decorating

Nothing says Autumn to me more than gourds.  I love all types and colors, I would use them year around if I could.  

Wooden Plaques for Fall Decorating

I hope you enjoyed my Autumn Tour!  Stick around  and go over to see what my “Haven Friends” are sharing with you for their Autumn Inspirations.  Here is a “Sneak Peak” at what they are sharing. 

Autumn Tour~ Seven Quick and easy Autumn Decorating Ideas


Click on the pictures below to stop over and visit my friends!  


Autumn Tour~ Seven Quick and easy Autumn Decorating Ideas

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12 Responses to Autumn Tour with My Haven Ladies!

  1. Dede, I love outdoor fall décor, with that great red radio wagon, your mantel looks awesome and there are so many great things like your canning jar pumpkins….but my fave might be your cute dog and cat photo bombing….lol!! It all looks beautiful. xo Lisa

  2. So cute! I have some of those canning lids and want to make those pumpkins also. I like how you mixed the silver and gold metal. You have your house all decked out and it looks great.

    Shannon ~

  3. I love all your Fall decorations. I love gourds, too and will keep them up for a couple of months, as long as they hold out. I’m so glad we met this summer.

  4. Everything looks great DeDe! I love the gourds too! Last year I got a bunch of tiny white pumpkins. When I cleared them up after Thanksgiving I put them in a wooden crate and put them in the guest room. Two weeks ago I found them. They had molded to the bottom of the crate. Yes, I am a wonderful housekeeper!

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