RumChata Root Beer Float!

Oh My!  This is one of those drinks I wish I had never tried, a RumChata Root beer Float!  

RumChata Rootbeer Float - Drink Recipe

I am a huge Root beer Float fan.  When I was pregnant during the summer, I think I had a few of them every week.  Of course not the RumChata Root Beer Float version!  Maybe that is why I gained 40 pounds with that pregnancy?

RumChata Root Beer Float
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  1. 1 Part RumChata
  2. 3 Parts Root beer(cold)
  1. Combine over ice in a tall glass. To avoid separation please pour root beer over ice first, then add RumChata to cooled root beer.
  1. You could add a scoop of vanilla icecream. When adding ice cream increase the RumChata to 3 parts.
Adapted from
Adapted from
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 Rum Chata Rootbeer Float-

I topped my drink with a few more calories whipped cream and sprinkled with ground cinnamon.   These went down easily! 

Rum Chata Rootbeer Float

This post comes with a warning!  These are very tasty, so drink with responsibility!


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