Repurposed Table Leg Candlestick Holder

I picked this table up from the curb a few years back waiting for the perfect project.  I used the top to make a chalkboard that I use that at my shop.  Part of the leg was used as a repurposed table leg candlestick holder.  I love how it turned out.  Now, to find where I put the other pieces so I can make more candlesticks.  

Repurposed Table Leg Candlestick- DIY- Designed Decor

Whenever I find old pieces of furniture on the side of the road, I will usually pick them up if they have great details.  I know I won’t fix the piece, but use it for other things.  

repurposed diy candlestick-1

I started by cutting the pieces apart from the center table support.  I sanded it down with an electric Ryobi sander to get it smooth and level.  Mr. DD cut 2 different sizes of wood squares and ran them through the Ryobi router table to get the pretty finished edges.  

repurposed diy candlestick-3

I used the center candlestick to draw the boundary line on the bottom of the upper wood square, so I would know where to counter sink the drill holes.  

repurposed diy candlestick-4

I placed Gorilla wood glue on all the pieces before attaching together with screws.  

repurposed diy candlestick-5

That is how simple it is to make a great looking candlestick holder out of a used table leg.  


You can read all about how I painted these candlesticks to get the awesome aged layer paint look.  


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