Inspiring Summer House Tour!

I am super excited to share my FIRST Summer House Tour.  I have joined 22 other bloggers this week as we open our homes for you to find inspiring house tours by some amazingly talented bloggers!

Inspiring Summer House Tour 2014
So come along with me as I show you a few areas of my home for my Summer House Tour. Let’s enter through my front door! 
Red Front Door
I have lived in this house for 11 years and we have finally started to work on the outside last year.  You will definitely want to see the before picture of how my house looked. It is an embarrassing one, but it will make you appreciate it all the more.  
House Tour ~ Living Room- View from Foyer
This is the first time that I have shared my entire living room on the blog, so stay awhile and look around.  
House Tour ~ Living Room- sleeping kitty
Come on past the sleeping kitty, she loves the antique rocking chair.  This chair is handed down to Mr. DD, it is 100+ years old.    
Summer House Tour ~ Living Room-
When I moved in 11 years ago, Mr. DD told me I could change anything I wanted in the house to make it my own, except the furniture had to stay.  I recovered the couch, rocking chair, accent chair, side chair and re-stained the table.  All of these pieces were given to Mr. DD from his family.  
House Tour ~ Living Room- Decorative accents
Mr. DD stripped and stained all the woodwork in the entire downstairs of my home, per my request.  I think he has regretted telling me I could do anything to make this house my home.  My home was built in 1927 and we have 4 inch oak baseboard, plaster walls and plaster crown molding throughout.  
House Tour ~ Living Room- Mantel
We had the mantel custom-built, the only thing that was there was the tile surround.  I don’t think the tile was original to the home.  I would think that a home built in 1927 had a grand mantle and maybe someone had it removed.  
House Tour ~ Living Room- Decorating the Mantel
I love changing my decorations on the mantel for each season.  I don’t change the rest of the home much, but the small changes to the mantle allow me to have the feel of the season changes.  
House Tour ~ Living Room- Mixing new and old decor
I like to make simple changes to my decor and having picture frames allows me to make those simple seasonal changes.  
Welcome to our House Tour ~ Living Room-
My living room tour would not be complete without my trusted companion, Cinnamon, aka PPB (professional photo boomer)  She loves making appearances in most of my photos.  
Summer House Tour~ Kitchen Tour
Four years ago we took on our largest house project by doing a total remodel to the kitchen.  
House Tour~ Kitchen-
We gutted the entire kitchen, removed walls, cut holes in the outside of the house, moved plumbing, and updated electrical.   
House Tour~ Kitchen- Total Kitchen Redo
Stop over to read about the blood sweat and tears that I had to endure during this total kitchen remodel.  The entire project took 9 long months, just like a pregnancy, but the “pull your hair out” stages lasted 9 weeks.  
House Tour~ Kitchen- Favorite spot in my kitchen
You won’t believe the before and after on my kitchen.  It looks like a totally different space.  A space that I love and I spend every morning right here drinking my tea and reading my email and catching up on social media.  
You can hop on over to my home tour page and read all about the other areas in my home that I have shared.  
House Tour~ Kitchen Tour
Now, grab a drink and check out the other 22 Inspiring House tours.  As a fun bonus, some of these bloggers are  offering a giveaway on their site.   Check out all the tours so you don’t miss anything exciting. 

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Thanks for stopping by and touring my home! 


House Tour ~ Living Room-25



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24 Responses to Inspiring Summer House Tour!

  1. Beautful DeDe! Thanks so much for sharing your living room and kitchen! 🙂 Love the antique rocking chair and your front door is soooo cute! Love the RED! I’m so excited to have shared this Home Tour with you and the rest of the girls… Hugs and Happy Weekend! xo

  2. Gorgeous home!! I love your carpet! The design is so pretty. I love how you decorated your home. The kitchen is stunning!! I love it all! Gorgeous!! Thanks for the tour 🙂

  3. What a neat idea. I love reading posts like these, it’s a little peek into your life. Your home & beautiful & the dog is adorable! I hope you guys have a great night!

  4. Your front door and sidelights is stunning! It really sets the stage for such a charming home.

  5. Love the fabulous character of your home and all the wonderful woodwork. So pretty.

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