Guest Bedroom Makeover~ Progress Update!

I have to laugh continuously with the title of “Guest Bedroom Makeover, Progress Update”!  Did I say progress, this is what makes me laugh.  I need to change that title to “Stand Still.”  I started my guest bedroom makeover in March, 4 months ago.  Here is where I am at today.  

Guest Bedroom Update

 Not much progress has happened here.  I have this bedroom makeover hanging over my head and I thought if I updated you all that would motivate me to finish this thing before the leaves begin to fall.  Notice, I said leaves instead of snow!  I am hopeful that I will have it done before the change of seasons.  Here is where I started.  

Boys bedrooms before

This was what it looked like when the youngest son was occupying it.  We moved him upstairs to the attic bedrooms and I can tell you it still looks like this with all the stuff laying on the floor and things not put away!  This is the main reason I moved him, so I don’t have to look at the mess everyday.  Out of sight out of mind.  

Here is my To Do List:

Repair ceiling stain

Remove wall paper border

Paint walls and ceiling

Clean carpets

Change out electrical covers and switches

Replace fan with new lighting fixture

Strip and polyurethane 3 doors

Paint dresser, armoire and nightstand

Repaint headboard(long story, will share another time)

Purchase new mattress

Purchase comforter and bed accessories

Purchase blinds or shades

Clean windows

Make window coverings

Decorate walls and room

As you can see, I still have most of the room to complete.  My biggest hurdle at this point is getting the furniture painted.  Once I have the furniture done, I am hoping the rest will quickly fall into place.  

stay on task

I am hoping you will hold me accountable so I can move on to the next tear it up project!  

SEE the completed space here: Guest Bedroom Makeover


stay on task



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7 Responses to Guest Bedroom Makeover~ Progress Update!

  1. Dede, Your guest room is looking good and thanks for keeping it real and sharing the before and during. I wish I could move my daughter to an attic to avoid seeing her messy room…lol. It’s looking good, have a great day, Lisa

  2. Hah! I started redoing my dining room two years ago and I’m not finished yet. But I don’t have drawers lining the floor so I guess I’m doing ok. Seems like you are making some progress. Don’t rush on my account!

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