How to Clean a Microwave ~ The Easy Way!

Mr DD. has a favorite saying ~ “If you want something done the easy way, ask a lazy man how he would do it!” Well, I am giving you the “Lazy Man’s” way on How to clean a Microwave.  

How to Clean a Microwave- The Easy Way!

I absolutely hated to clean out our microwave.  When you have 4 boys, they usually don’t cover a dish before placing in the microwave.  The stuff would just bake on in that thing until I finally would break down and try to scrub the thing with all types of household cleaners.  Nothing ever worked!

Cleaning the Microwave before

A few years back I found this recipe on how to clean a microwave in my local newspaper.  I clipped the article out, gave it a try, and have used it ever since. 

Cleaning the microwave - recipe

Here is the very simple recipe: 1 cup water with 2 tablespoons baking powder.  Place in microwave safe dish (this should go without saying) Place in microwave( this too should not have to be said)  Cook on high for 3 minutes.  Leave door shut for an additional 3 to 5 minutes after timer goes off.  Wipe down with a clean damp cloth.  Yes, that is it!  Simple and Easy!

How to Clean a Microwave- with baking powder and water

The mixture will begin to boil and will boil out of microwave safe dish.  Don’t stop the microwave, you want this to happen.  

The easy way to clean a microwave - no scrubbing

Remember, it is easy to clean up and is easy to clean off the dish.  There must be some type of chemical reaction that happens with the baking powder which loosens all the baked on crap.  It is so simple to wipe down the microwave after this has cooked for 3 minutes.  

Microwave cleaning without chemicals - afterNo harsh cleaners are needed to clean out this microwave any longer.  I love that idea!  

Give it a try, you will be so glad that you did!  

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How to Clean a Microwave-pinnable 

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17 Responses to How to Clean a Microwave ~ The Easy Way!

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  2. Will probably try this on the micro at work when it’s our units’s turn to clean. That thing gets NASTY!

  3. I’m doing this RIGHT NOW. It’s in the microwave doing it’s thing. Thanks so much. I hate cleaning the microwave. Especially after a husband who likes to melt butter that explodes all over the microwave…

  4. I usually just put vinegar & water in a cup and heat to clean it, but I like your way because there isn’t the smell of vinegar in the house. Thanks for the suggestion.

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