Spray Painting an Accent Table

This accent table was found on the side of the road, left for trash pick up.  I was on a morning walk with my side kick and was afraid to leave it and come back with my jeep to get it later, so I carried it home.  Dog leash and poop bag in one hand, accent table and leg in the other.  

Spray Painting an Accent Table

The broken leg was a simple fix, the nut and screw pieces just need glued back on the inside of the leg.  So I used my favorite wood glue by Gorilla Glue !

furniture accent piece

Here is what she looked like before the spray paint.  I did not like the little drawer on the middle shelf so I removed it.  

spray painting tip for spindles

My favorite tip to give anyone painting spindles is to use on old 2 x 4 and drill holes, so the spindle can screw directly into the wood.  This allows you to paint and spray all the sides without making a huge mess.  

adding color with scrapbook paper

The accent table needed some color, so I added scrapbook paper to the tops by using mod podge.  

usig mod podge to add paper to the table top

You could also use wallpaper to avoid having to match up lines, since a single sheet of 12 by 12 paper  was not large enough.  

Home Decor ~ Accent Piece

This table turned out to have a clean and classic look.  I am hoping she will find a good home soon.  

signature gradual grey

furniture accent piece-14

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