Rescued Glass Top Tables!

I am sharing my dumpster diving rescued Glass Top Tables.  Yes, I pulled these babies out from a dumpster.  

Dumpster Diving Glass Top Tables-

One would never know that these tables were pulled from a dumpster.  I received a curb alert from my friends Betty and Eugene(thanks guys) that their neighbor had a dumpster out front of their house and they could see some type of wood tables legs.  I quickly got in my car and drove over to their house to discover some table legs sticking out of the dumpster.  Thankfully there was a nice gentleman that was already standing in the dumpster diving for goodies.  He did not want the tables, so he handed them to me.  Just for the record, I would have crawled in there to get them out.  

Glass Top Tables-before

The large coffee table was missing one of the wood insets that held the glass.  The other is missing because I took it out to use it as a template.   I figured it would be easy enough to make one of these insets.  Mr.  DD said it will be much easier if you just took the template to Kevin and let him make it.  Kevin is our friend that custom built our kitchen cabinets.  You can see them here if you want to see the fabulous job he did.  


Glass Top Tables-making a new bracket

I have to admit, it was much easier letting Kevin do the inset.   I placed the insets in place and went to work on painting these tables.  

Glass Top Tables-

Once the tables were painted and waxed, Mr. DD came down into my workspace and was looking at the finished product.  He looked closely at all the insets and made a guess as to which one was the replica.  He guessed wrong, so I would say, no one will know that if was ever missing a bracket.  

Painted Glass Top Tables

I did have to order new glass inserts as I only recovered one and it was badly chipped.  1 new wood inset, 5 new glass panels, chalk like paint and wax, and thee tables are new again.  

Glass Top Tables-Painted

I love a good dumpster dive!  How about you, would you crawl in a dumpster to get out some furniture?


Glass Top Tables-5

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21 Responses to Rescued Glass Top Tables!

  1. I know this is a post from last September, I don’t know if you will get it or not. This is the exact color and finish I have been searching for to do a desk in my den. Do you remember the brands and shade names of the products you used? Thank you very much.

  2. Love the color DeDe! Your paint finish looks professionally done. I need to get a few tips from you Haven girls. I want to paint my large TV Armoire and need to know the best type of paint for non chipping best finish etc.

  3. WOW they look Ahhh Mazing!!! I can’t believe your found them in a dumpster!!! LOVE the red!!! They look Designer, great job!!!

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