Repurposed Wood Window Tutorial!

I love finding old wood windows so I can turn them into a perfect home decor accessory.  I have used them as coat racks and I love adding quotes on to the solid window panes like this one.  I am sharing this Wood Window Tutorial on how I used music sheets  and found a favorite music quote to put on the glass pane.  

repurposed window-tutorial-music quote

Most of the single pane window frames look like this one below.  

Repurposed Window Coat Hook

I clean them up and begin the makeover process.  

Repurposed Window-Wall Decor-Music Quote-Decoupage-2

I have music song books on hand and this book was not aged the way I wanted them to be, so I did a tea stain on all of the music sheets.  I soaked the tea bag in a small amount of water, poured into a saucer.  

Repurposed Window-Wall Decor-Music Quote-Decoupage-4

I wiped the wet tea bag over the entire music sheet and hung to dry.  



Repurposed Window-Wall Decor-Music Quote-Decoupage-3

Painting the Frame:  I painted the window with a black chalk paint (let dry) used a crackle product (let dry) and placed some vaseline randomly around the frame before applying a top coat of white chalk paint.  

Repurposed Window-Wall Decor-Music Quote-Decoupage-7

Aging the Glass Pane:  I aged the glass window by using a spray paint reflective like(affiliate links —>) Rustoleum Mirror Effect or Krylon Looking Glass.  I lightly sprayed with some water before applying  a layer of the spray paint.  I also like to use a sponge or towel after the spray paint is applied and use it in a blotting method.  I only wanted a very light coat of the spray paint since I wanted the music sheets to show through on parts of the glass.  

Repurposed Window-Wall Decor-Music Quote-Decoupage-8

I  tore the music sheets and place them randomly on the aged mirror effect glass pane.  Once I have them in place, I apply a layer of Mod Podge to seal the music sheets together.  I did not place Mod Podge directly on the glass, I only placed the mod podge in between the sheets that have overlapped and a complete coat over the top of the music sheets.  

Repurposed Window-Wall Decor-Music Quote-Decoupage-15

 Next, I made the quote using Cameron, my Silhouette Cameo, and black vinyl.  Did you notice that this quote above is different from the first picture?  The first one sold right away, so I made another one.  

Repurposed Window-Wall Decor-Music Quote-Decoupage-6

I painted old hooks using Organza in silver from Maison Blanche and placed them on the bottom of the frame.  

Repurposed Window-Wall Decor-Music Quote-Decoupage-14

This has to be one of my favorite repurposed window projects.  I love how the music sheets show through, the aged glass and the quote is perfect!  

Repurposed Window Wildflower Quotes

I made a few different windows and each one sold right away!  

repurposed window-soul quote1

You can also check out these multi-panel windows that I repurposed as well.   


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3 Responses to Repurposed Wood Window Tutorial!

  1. WOW, just love this with the sheets of music. Love all the sayings you have incorporated in the windows as well. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing this.

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