Repurposed Chair Shelf!


This month the Power Tool Challenge team is making Home Decor items under $10.  I made a repurposed Chair shelf for this month’s challenge.  We are also opening up the challenge to you, our readers, to submit your home decor item that you made or repurposed for under $10.  Stay tuned for more details on the contest and what you can win!  

Have you ever come across some old vintage chairs at a thrift store or garage sale?  You love the chair, but really do not need another chair in your home.  You keep walking back to it and telling yourself, what would I do with another chair?  The chair keeps calling your name, so you buy it.  It sits in your garage or basement for months, because you truly have no more room for another chair.  I am here to solve your chair dilemma, turn it into a repurposed chair shelf.  

Repurposed Chair Shelf- Designed Decor

I had 2 old chairs sitting in my workspace waiting to be used and I finally decided to repurpose them into shelves.  

Repurposed Chair Shelf-Towel Holder-4

I removed the leather seat from the chair.  The chair had an opening where the leather seat base was, so this made it very easy to cut the chair.  

Repurposed Chair Shelf-Towel Holder-5

I made a few easy cuts right where the joints were on the front and back of the seat base.  I removed the side spindles from the chair legs.

Repurposed Chair Shelf-Towel Holder-6 

I had a wood top from an old sewing machine and the top part was a perfect size.  I was able to use the outside edges for both shelves and it had the perfect beveled edge.  

Repurposed Chair Shelf-Towel Holder--1

I measured each side 6 inches out and marked the board.  This cut could be done with a circular saw, just draw a straight line down the board.  

repurposed chair shelf

I did have to notch out the shelf for the top of the chair since it had the upright supports.  I needed the shelf to go all the way to the back of the seat base.  I placed Gorilla wood glue on the shelf and clamped the shelf to the chair base to hold together.  I drilled in a few wood screws from the bottom to hold the shelf to the chair bracket.  

Repurposed Chair Shelf-Towel Holder--4

The wood from the sewing machine looked perfect with the chair, so I decided not to paint it.  I liked the look of the wood tones.  I used black wax to darken the wood slightly.  

Repurposed Chair Shelf-Towel Holder--5

I love the versatility of the shelves.  You can use them in any room of your house.  

Repurposed Chair Shelf-Towel Holder--9

I did the same for this second chair.  The base of the seat was wide enough that I did not have to add wood for a shelf.  You can achieve this painted look by using One Step paint in the color Barefoot in the Park by Amy Howard and sealing using Dark Antique Wax.  

Repurposed Chair Shelf-Towel Holder-11

This is the bottom half from the green chair above.  You can create this look by using One-step paint in Selznick Grey, Toscana Milk paint in Strasbourg White, and light and dark antique wax.  I created a video on how to do this aged paint layered look, hop over to my youtube channel to check out the video.  

Now let’s see what the gang made for this month’s challenge! 

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Now to enter the reader challenge! 

Power Tool Challenge Team- Reader Challenge- Home Decor Event

Simply enter your project below and the Power Tool Challenge Team will vote on our favorite reader entry.  One lucky reader will receive a Finish Max Pro Paint Sprayer, a large and small spray shelter and a rapid clean cleaning tool compliments from HomeRight.  If you are unable to submit your project below, please email me (dede@designeddecor(dot)com) with a photo of your project and I will place the entry for you.  


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20 Responses to Repurposed Chair Shelf!

  1. I’m going to be on the lookout for awesome old chairs like these – I love the idea of making them into such beautiful shelves!

  2. I LOVE a great repurposed chair project! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love how yours turned out. I’m always on the lookout for garbage chairs. ๐Ÿ™‚



  3. This is darling! We have an old chair out in the garage that’s broken beyond repair and I couldn’t let it go because it held special memories for me. Maybe this is a solution for still using it! Pinned and shared ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. What a great use for an old chair that probably never was that comfortable anyway. (I know because I have six of them in my dining room that belonged to my great-grandmother that I am stuck with for life because they are a family piece. My husband refused to sit in them because they are so uncomfortable.)

    I love that the back of the chair is decorative and there’s a shelf and towel rack created with the other chair parts. What a great upcycle project!

    • Paula, Maybe you can turn yours into a bench! I know it is so hard to have to keep items that are passed down and repurposing them gives you guilt but maybe you can find the perfect compromise.

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