Reindeer Dust - A Family Tradition!

I decided to share a fun family craft project that all can do even if you don’t have kids.  This craft project makes great gifts for school parties or gifts for the little ones in your family, neighborhood kids or friends kids.  One of our fun family traditions that I started with my boys when they were younger was Reindeer Dust.  I had heard about the tradition from a fellow co-worker and decided my boys were the perfect age to start a new family tradition.  After the first year of trying the new tradition and seeing how excited my boys became about doing this tradition, I knew it was a keeper.  


I then began to make it every year and give out to all the kids in my son’s classroom for their Holiday parties.  I really enjoyed keeping this tradition going and spreading the tradition to other families.  My hope was that someone from my sons class may have never heard about reindeer dust and would start their own family tradition.

Do you know the legend of Reindeer dust?  Well here it is – On Christmas Eve before you sleep, step outside and take a peek.  Be sure to take this packet and sprinkle it on the lawn.  Santa’s reindeer travel miles before dawn.  The smell of the oats and glitter path will guide them on the way.  And you will wake up to Santa’s gifts on Christmas Day.  

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Here is the list of materials you will need for this fun family craft project. 


Gold Glitter

Holiday food sprinkles

Brown foam sheet

Brown pipe cleaners

google eyes

mini jingle bells

Christmas scrapbook paper

tinsel pom-poms


cello bag


 Mix together the oatmeal, glitter, and sprinkles.  Add 1/2 cup of the mixture to each cello bag and seal closed.  Cut a square 4 by 4 piece of scrapbook paper and fold in half and adhere to the top of the closed cello bag.

Now you are ready to make your reindeer face.  Hand draw the head shape and the ears then cut a template from the foam sheet continuing to cut as many as needed for gifts.  Then cut out smaller ear shapes using the pink scrapbook paper, this is the inside section of the ear.  Use 1 pipe cleaner for each antler.  Cut the pipe cleaner in half and wrap one-half around the other near the top.  Place the jingle bell on the tip of pipe cleaner and bend to secure the bell into place.  Bend and position the antlers as needed.  Make a small bow out of the ribbon to use as an accent for the bottom of the Reindeer face.  Now you are ready to assemble your reindeer.

Glue the googly eyes, nose, ears, and ribbon to the foam face.  Then turn over and glue the antlers to the back of the face.  Tip – Keep the pipe cleaners long so they are the same size as the face shape.  This gives the face extra support to stand up on the bag.  Adhere the foam face on the front of the cello bag making sure to securely attach to the top and bottom to give extra support.

There are many different versions of the Reindeer dust poem.  Just do an internet search and you may find a version you like better.  What other family traditions do you have for the holidays? 

Although my boys are grown and I no longer spread the Reindeer Dust on the front steps, I am hopeful to pass this tradition onto grandkids when they are old enough to start this family tradition again.  


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