Using an Old Picket Fence for Spring Decorating!

I saved an old picket fence from going to the landfill, now I am creating things to make with this old picket fence.  I started with using the pickets as a backdrop for my Spring Tulle Wreath.  

Using an old Picket Fence for Spring Decorating

I shorten the pickets, so it would be a proper height for my mantel.  

Picket fence before

Here is what I started with, some of the bottoms were weather worn, but that was OK since I shorten the pickets.  

Using my Ryobi drill to attach pickets

I re-attached the pickets using my “FAV” drill! My basement is my work area in the winter, so sorry about the clutter in the pictures.  

Using Minwax stain on an old picket fence

I applied Minwax water based wood stain to give the fence an aged look and to tone down the white on the picket fence.  I than dry brushed to white paint after the stain dried to give the fence added dimensions.  

Spring Decorating with a picket fence

I made the Spring Tulle Wreath and you can read about that here. I love adding large pieces to my mantel to create the change that I like for each season.  Last year I made a different picket fence for the mantel, and since I like change, I took it to the shop and it sold.  This allows me to have an excuse to make a new one!  


Spring Decorating Accessories-

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