Painting Decorative Blocks with Rit Dye

I am excited to be discovering a new way to paint, using Rit Dye.  I painted a decorative block with my new Rit Dye that I received from the  Bloggy Con 2013 Conference that I attended a few weekends ago.  Rit Dye was one of the sponsors for the conference and we all received black and orange dye in our goody bags from the conference.

Painting a Decorative Block with Rit Dye


I had this decorative block kit on hand from Poppy Seed Projects and decided to use my Rit Dye to paint the block.

supplies needed for Painting a Decorative Block with Rit Dye

I mix the dye using 1/4 cup black dye to 1 cup warm water.  I place in an old baking dish.  I decided to use the baking dish so I could place the entire block in the dish.

use an old baking dish to Paint with Rit Dye

I started to paint the top of the block using a sponge brush, but decided I only needed to turn the block over to soak each side.

let the blocks dry after Painting the Block with Rit Dye

I used the same technique and mix using the orange dye for the next layer of the decorative block.  Once both blocks were completely dry, I used wood glue to assemble the pieces.

a perfect decorative piece for the mantel

I added my decorative block to my Fall Mantel which I will be sharing with you soon.  Stop over to the website for Rit Dye and you can see all types of craft projects you can complete with Rit Dye.

Painting a Decorative Block with Rit Dye


This was the simplest painting project I have completed, and the clean up was a breeze too!  I can’t wait to try the other colors I received and create some awesome decorative accessories using my Rit Dye.

signature gradual grey

Painting a Decorative Block with Rit Dye-pinnable

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12 Responses to Painting Decorative Blocks with Rit Dye

  1. Wow! I never in a million years would have thought about “painting” with the dye! I’ve used it on a Ragedy Anne wig I wore in kindergarten, and I think we used it on a shirt once…but for other types of crafting? That could be interesting… 🙂

  2. Ooh! It looks so easy! I haven’t gotten to play with my RIT Dye yet…it’s definitely time to break it out and get crafty!

    • Cindy, Thanks so much for pinning! It is amazing what we crafty ones won’t like of! LOL Have a great night!

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