Using Milk Paint to update a Serving Tray Table!

This is my first time using milk paint.  I have waited to find the perfect piece to give it a try.  I knew once I found this unique Serving Tray Table, I wanted to use the milk paint.  

serving tray table ~before


This table was pretty with just the high gloss red finish, but I wanted to take it up a notch in the uniqueness department.  I slightly sanded down the serving tray table.  I really wanted the milk paint to flake off, so I decided not to use the griper primer.  

using milk paint on a serving tray table


I used Old Fashion Milk paint that is sold at my local hardware store.  I really want to try Miss Mustard Seed paint, but I have to drive an hour to purchase some, so I passed for now.  

serving tray table with milk paint


I have to tell you I slightly freaked out at the amounts of paint that kept flaking off.   Once the entire piece was dry I applied my favorite Polyacrylic from Minwax.  

serving tray table-


I love how the result turned out.  The table now has the Modern Vintage feel.  Speaking of Modern Vintage, this table sold from the shop.  

decorative side table


signature gradual grey


serving tray table-sneak peek


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10 Responses to Using Milk Paint to update a Serving Tray Table!

  1. This looks so great! I love the how the red is just peeking through the black now. I’ve never tried milk paint yet, it freaks me out a little not knowing exactly how it will end up. Yours turned out beautifully!

  2. What kind of Milk paint did you end up using? there is only _____ where the name should be! I would like to try it out myself on a small project, but I don’t think MMS milk paint is close to me, either.

    • Fara, lol! Sometimes I can be a little too blonde! I wrote up my post at work and had forgot the name of the milk paint, I was suppose to check when I got home and forgot. I went ahead and schedules my post . . . DUH. The brand I used was The Original Milk Paint, is comes in a brown paper bag and you mix it with water. Thanks for letting me know that I forgot. Have a great week.

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