Inviting Entryway Ideas!

Inviting Entries: Tips for Organizing Your Entryway

Guest Post By: Jennifer Lutz

The entryway is the first thing that guests see as they enter your home. Unfortunately, it’s also often the messiest, with coats, shoes, and mail strewn all over the place. If your own entryway is in shambles, follow these tips to keep everything organized.

Utilize the Wall

If you have blank walls, use them to create additional storage space. This will keep clutter off the floor and prevent family members from tripping over backpacks or umbrellas. Hooks are easy to install and can be set at different heights, so small kids can reach them. If you’re worried that they’re too pointy for your children, use wooden knobs and pegs instead.

Install Some Shelves

Whether on the wall or the floor, shelves are the ultimate go-to for de-cluttering spaces. A floating shelf in your entryway can be used as a mail rack and key holder, while a bookshelf with adjustable planks are great for coats and shoes.

Use a Shoe Tray

Keep everyone from tracking snow, mud, and dirt all over the house by setting a shoe tray by the front door. It can be stored under a narrow bench or the console table. Place a thick, absorbent mat under the tray to catch water drips from rain boots.

Collect Smaller Items in Baskets

Use baskets to organize smaller items in your existing mudroom. If you don’t have cubbyholes, hang the baskets from hooks and label them for each family member. This way, everyone knows where to put their stuff rather than leaving it on the floor.

Create Zones

Designate specific spaces and containers for things like umbrellas and sports gear. Tall galvanized buckets are perfect for umbrellas, while wire baskets corral kids’ bike helmets, roller skates, and baseball bats.

Once you’ve organized the space, remind the kids to immediately store their shoes, bags, and sporting accessories in their respective places. Not only will this teach them the value of responsibility, it will also keep your entryway organized for much longer.

Do you have any tips for organizing your entryway? Leave your ideas in the comments!

Jennifer Lutz writes about home décor at Jennifer is also a stellar home entertainer, check out her post on summer parties here:


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One Response to Inviting Entryway Ideas!

  1. My entryway is barely big enough for the door to open! We just open the door and get out of the way . . . The back door which is the one most people use, goes right into the office. It’s a quandry. Thank goodness I don’t have kids going in and out Everything would be a complete disaster!

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