Countdown to Christmas Frame!

I can’t believe it is December already!  Are you getting ready for Christmas?  We only have 26 days from Thanksgiving to Christmas this year, not much time to get all the decorating done, cookies baked and presents purchased and wrapped.  So I made these cute Countdown to Christmas Frames to help keep track of how many days until we Celebrate.

Count down to christmas frame~


I thought this would be a creative way to have a countdown or advent calendar without taking up a lot of space.

supplies for a Countdown to christmas frame


The first step is to find the paper that you will be using for your background.  Once you have your paper, cut it to fit the size frame you are using.  Once you cut your paper then you can decide where you will be placing the chalkboard square for the number.  I speak of this from experience, since each background of mine were different, I placed the chalkboard square in different places.

how to tape the glass to make a Countdown to christmas frame

I used my graph lined cutting mat to line up where to place the tape so I could make sure that my lines were straight.

Count down to christmas frames-3

Cover up the remaining glass so you don’t get the over-spray all over the glass.

Count down to christmas frames-4

I used Cameron ( my Silhouette Cameo)  and vinyl to make my letters.

screen shot from my silhouette cameo

I made 3 different frames since these are going to my shop to sell for the Christmas season.

Countdown to christmas frame

Which one do you like?

signature gradual grey

Count down to christmas frames-pinnable

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12 Responses to Countdown to Christmas Frame!

    • Antonella, Thanks for coming over. I stopped by your blog and love the Quilled Christmas tree. This must take a lot of time a patience to roll all of that paper? Have a great evening!

    • Denise, you can use the same frame and change out the paper to count down for other fun dates like vacation, or days until the end of school etc. it doesn’t take up space so it is a great way to keep a count down, you can even hang it on a wall!

    • Brooke, I figured I was going to use my Cameo often so I wanted to name it. I chose to name it a mans name as they are not as emotional as women so now I know my Cameo will work when I need it to not when it wants too. Lol!

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