Chevron Fabric Covered Lamp Shade!

Last week I started to share the makeover of my youngest son’s bedroom.  Today I am showing you how I did a makeover on the lamp for his room with the chevron fabric I had left over from his shelves.   

Chevron Fabric covered lamp shade by Designed Decor


I spray painted the base of the lamp in black and sealed with a polyacrylic spray sealer.  

repurposed bedroom lamp~before


This lamp had a different shade that was more of a dome shape.  I came to realize that chevron fabric does not work well with a dome lamp shade.  I needed more of a drum shade.  

adding the fabric to the lamp shade


I started by applying spray adhesive to the bottom of the shade and carefully rolling the shade to keep the bottom of the fabric straight on the shade.  I did have to do a small pleat at the top of the shade to keep the chevron pattern lined up.  Advice:  never use chevron fabric to cover something that is round, it is very hard to keep the pattern matched up.  

hot gluing the edges of the fabric


I applied hot glue to the top and bottom of the inside nd trimmed off the extra fabric.

trim the excess fabric


Now I was ready to add a touch of accent color.  Since all the shelves are red in my son’s bedroom, I applied a strip of red trim to the top and bottom of shade.  I think it makes the shade pop more.  

Boys Bedroom- bedside table with a chevron fabric covered lamp shade


Here is a picture of the lamp sitting on the bedside table that I painted and shared with you last week.  I can’t wait to show the entire room, but I have more projects planned for you!  Next week I will show you the wall decor I added above his floor shelves.  

signature gradual grey


repurposed bedroom lamp-

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9 Responses to Chevron Fabric Covered Lamp Shade!

  1. Your blog is awesome & I love this lamp revamp. I love my hot glue gun, there’s nothing it can solve, haha. I found your blog on Bloglovin where I am now following you. I can’t wait to see future posts. I hope you’ve had a great weekend.

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