Turning a Clipboard to a Message board!

I am tired of leaving my grocery lists and a pen on the countertop, so I decided to make a message board by repurposing a clipboard.

repurposing a clipboard to a message board.

The first steps involved was gathering the supplies and selecting the scrapbook paper and a spray paint to match the paper.

supplies needed to repurpose a clipboard


I love the projects where I have everything on hand and do not need to run to the store.  I began by spray painting the bottom of the clipboard with chalkboard paint.  I spray painted a few coats of chalkboard paint since the first layer absorbed into the clipboard.  I than spray painted the handle, again using a few coats.  Once everything was dry I used mod podge and adhered the scrapbook paper unto the clipboard, cutting around the handle on top.

using velcro to stick on the note pads

I used square velcro tabs to stick the notepads in place, I did this so it will be easy to  change out the notepads when empty.

repurposed clip board 011

I used a coordinating piece of scrapbook paper to make a holder for the chalk.  I just cut a strip of paper and rolled to make a tube that is slightly bigger than the chalk.  I cut small slits to the bottom of the tube and folded down each piece.  Glue the chalk holder to the clipboard.

repurposed clip board 012

I tied my pencil to the clipboard, that way it will not disappear and i will always have something to write on my note pads.

repurposed clip board 015

Now my boys know where I keep the grocery list; so if they are wanting something, they need to write it on the list.  If it is not on the list, it does not get purchased!

repurposed clip board 017

I placed the clipboard on the inside door of our snack cupboard, this way it is seen by all.


repurposing a clipboard to a message board.


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  1. What a neat idea! I have been wanting to try out that chalkboard paint on something. Now this gives me an idea for what I could use it for. Thanks for sharing.

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