DIY Rain Barrel ~Tutorial!

I have wanted a Rain Barrel, especially since we have planted a small garden for the past 2 years.  I love the idea of watering my plants and not having to use extra water.  

DIY Rain Barrel ~ Tutorial-


I know that it not a glamorous picture, but after all, it is just a rain barrel.  

Supplies needed for DIY Rain Barrel ~

I actually had everything last year and never got around to making it.  This is a simple DIY that can be done in 30 minutes.  Supplies needed: 20 gallon + Trash can, screen, spigot kit, drill, utility knife, staple gun.  Optional supply is pluming sealer.  

drill hole near bottom of Rain Barrel ~ First step is to drill a hole close to the bottom of the trash barrel.  The spigot kit will give you the size of drill bite to use.   Not to state the obvious, but the spigot should be low in order for the water to drain out.  

assemble spigot kit for Rain Barrel ~ Tutorial-Follow the directions of the Spigot kit and use the plumbers tape to seal both sides of the spigot.  I purchased my Rain Reserve 2012314 Rain Barrel Spigot Pack from Amazon.  

sealing with plumbers putty for Rain Barrel ~ Tutorial-Since I had the plumber putty I used it, it is not necessary with the spigot kit since it is self sealing.   

attaching screen for DIY Rain Barrel ~ Tutorial-

Next is stapling on the screen to the top of the barrel.  This will help keep out all the debris that falls from your trees.  I have had a lot of build up on this screen and it has kept out a lot of debris.

remove section of lid of DIY Rain Barrel ~ Tutorial-

Cut out one side of the rain barrel lid for the down spout. 

trim down spout to size of Rain Barrel ~ Tutorial-

Cut your down spout to the proper height of the rain barrel. That’s it,  you are done!  Simple Right?  There are also kits that allow you to connect another rain barrel to the first for over flow.  I needed to do this, because we have had so much rain and my rain barrel has over flown many times.  I purchased a washing machine hose to the barrel, this allows me to fill up my watering cans without having to fit the can directly under the spigot.  


DIY Rain Barrel ~ Tutorial- pinnable

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12 Responses to DIY Rain Barrel ~Tutorial!

  1. I did something similar. I have 2 of those big gray garbage cans like you see at sporting events. I made the first barrel like you did. I then drilled a hole in both barrels about 2 inches from the top and put an 8 inch piece of rigid PVC through the holes and caulked around the edges. Now when the first barrel is full, the overflow goes into the second barrel and I don’t have to run out and take the cover off. My ultimate goal is to get one of those 275 gallon industrial containers in the metal cage, but that would necessitate rearranging the driveway dynamics.

    • Chris, I love that you did 2 barrels. I wish I had the space to do this. My trash bin is right where the second barrel would need to go and I know my hubby does not want to take on the project of moving the trash bin.

  2. Not all door screen keeps out mosquitoes, and you will want them kept out of the water or they will lay eggs on the surface (standing water). Mosquito screen is easily available and might work well in place of the standard door screen. Just an idea. On the barrel my daughter purchased, there was mosquito-grade screening covering the hole in the barrel lid where the downspout rested. Nice tutorial!

    • Karen, placement was the hard part for me too. I only had 1 place it could go. I also did not want it in a main visual spot around the house. Mine is placed on the back of the garage!

  3. Cool! I want one of these too. I’ve thought about it & I want to plant a few flowers in the fall so they’ll be pretty when it gets warmer next year. I’m saving this, thanks for sharing!

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