Repurposed Pallet Pumpkins!

We are back at it again this month!  My Power Tool Challenge Team are bringing you some more fun and creative things you can build for the Fall Season.  This month I built these EASY Repurposed Pallet Pumpkins.  Believe me when I say easy!  

Repurposed Wood- Pallet Pumpkins pinnable

You all know that I love to use left over wood pieces to make things, well using left over pallet wood is no exception.  I orginally saw this idea on Pinterest from DIY Swank, except they used thicker wood pieces.  

Repurposed Wood- Pallet Pumpkins (2 of 22)

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Wood Glue

Table Saw

Ryobi AirStrike




Ribbon and Raffia


Repurposed Wood- Pallet Pumpkins (3 of 22)

I started by cutting the boards with my table saw.  If you don’t have a table saw you can use a hand saw, takes longer but can be achieved with out a table saw.  Here are the board measurements for each size pumpkin.

Large:  (1)12 inch, (2) 11.5 inch, (2) 11 inch, (2) 10.5 inch, (2) 10 inch, (2) 9.5 inch, (2) 9 inch and (1) 8 inch board.

Medium: (1) 8 inch, (2) 7.5 inch, (2) 7 inch, (2) 6.5 inch, (2) 6 inch, (2) 5.5 inch and (1) 4.5 inch boards.

Small: (1) 6 inch, (2) 5.5 inch, (2) 5 inch, (2) 4.5 inch and (1) 3.5 inch boards.

Stack each pumpkin using the largest board in the middle and stacking the decreasing sizes on both the top and bottom and using the smallest board on the top.  

Repurposed Wood- Pallet Pumpkins (4 of 22)

Using the wood glue and the nail gun to assemble the wood boards.  You can use screws if you do not have an air nailer or a plain old hammmer and nails will work as well.  I like to use both the glue and air nailer so I know my pumpkins will last over the years.  

Repurposed Wood- Pallet Pumpkins (6 of 22)

I sanded the edges on the pumpkins to remove any loose wood pieces, sand all sides including the ends.  Again, you can hand sand if you do not have a finishing sander.  

Repurposed Wood- Pallet Pumpkins

Drill a large hole on the top and using the wood glue, place a stick on the top.  

Repurposed Wood- Pallet Pumpkins (7 of 22)

Your pallet pumpkins can be done at this stage or you can jazz them up.  If you place the pumpkins outside, they will weather and become grey and aged looking over time.  

Repurposed Wood- Pallet Pumpkins (8 of 22)

Since the pallet wood that I used was fresh and not aged, I decided to jazz them up.  The above batch I stained and used an organe paint over the stain.  I used a dry brush technique over the stain.  

Repurposed Wood- Pallet Pumpkins (16 of 22)

The second batch I stained and used white paint for my dry brushing.  

Repurposed Wood- Pallet Pumpkins

Add some ribbon and raffia and you have a great Fall decoration that can be used indoors or out.  

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