Graduation Party Candy Dish!

Do you see the theme here by the last few posts?  I think I am preparing for a graduation party.  I love planning for parties, my husband thinks I go overboard.  Maybe I do go overboard, but when you love to plan and decorate than it is never too much, right?  My husband asks, whats wrong with a bowl for the mints?  Well we all know we need more than just a bowl to place your candy and mints in.  So here it is, my graduation party candy dish.

These turned out so cute, now I can’t wait for the party.  Here is the list of items needed and the step by step instructions.

Black foam board

Wooden ball

yarn for tassel

clay pot dish

clear glass jar


spray paint

hot glue gun

I started by spray painting the clay dish and wooden balls.  I needed to apply several coats of spray paint to make sure all sides, top and bottom were covered.  While they were drying I cut out the foam board and made the tassels.  

I measured the foam board an inch wider than the clay dish.  I measured and marked with a pencil.  I than used a straight edge razor to cut on one side of the board.  I had to cut twice to get the blade to go in deep enough.  I than lifted the board and gently bent so to create a crease of the opposite side of the board.  I turned the foam board over and cut along the crease, this makes a clean-cut along the foam board.  I made the tassels by using DMC thread.  since the candy dish is small, I did not want to use yarn and have the tassels be too big for the size of the graduation cap lid.  

Once the paint was dry and I had all the pieces ready I began to assemble the candy dishes.  

I used my hot glue gun to attach the foam board to the clay dish first and then flipped over the foam board to glue the wooden ball to the top of the cap.  I than wrapped the top of the tassel around the wooden ball while the glue was still hot.  This was a very simple project to do, and I love how they turned out.

The cost for the candy dish is $3.02, excluding the mints.  The total cost was $18.12 for 6 candy dishes.  The graduation party decorations are complete, next is  the cut out cookies!

Graduation Party Candy dish



I saved the graduation party candy dish and used them again for the youngest sons party and wanted to share a few updated photos! 

Graduation Party Planning- DIY-CupCake Stand-Table Decorations-Photo Booth-13

Graduation Party Planning- DIY-CupCake Stand-Table Decorations-Photo Booth-14


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