Glass Bowl Snowman!

I am super excited to share this simple and easy craft project on how to make a glass bowl snowman.

Glass Bowl


I love him!  I love when you stumble upon an idea and it turns out so stickin cute!   This year I have been so tired of my Christmas decorations, I been wanting change some decorations but have not had much time to make those changes for this year.  Here are the bowls I used for my table center piece last year.

Christmas Table Decoration using glass bowls


I like how they looked, but I have used this for the last 2 years, just in different locations of the house.  So as I was bringing up the bowls this year, I stacked them on each other to carry them up from the basement and guess what.  Ding Ding Ding ~ they looked like a snowman!  I was originally going to fill the bowls with the same ornaments and just stack them, but I am getting tired of the red, green and gold colors.  Plan B!

Supply List:
6″ Bowl
8″ Bowl
12″ Bowl
Snow Aerosol Spray
Foam Top Hat  (I could not find the exact hat since mine was removed from some other itme.  This hat would be a great substitute.  
Battery Operated Lights


supplies for a Glass Bowl Snowman


I didn’t want to paint them, as I use these bowls for many different decorating things. I will use my spray foam!   The spray foam will clean up after the season.  The best part of this decoration was I already had the items on had and it was the simplest thing to complete.

Glass Bowl Snowman Table Decoration


I sprayed the inside of the bowls, so I could move the snowman if needed.  Hot glued on some buttons, tied a ribbon around the top bowls and placed on the hat.

Glass Bowl Snowman with button eyes


How Simple and cute is he?  Bonus ~ I decided to buy a battery operated light to make him light up at night.

Lighted Glass Bowl Snowman

I love him!  What do you think, should we give him a name?




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24 Responses to Glass Bowl Snowman!

  1. DeDe,
    I love this idea of the snowman and lighting up is definitely a plus. I am a Girl like yourself who leaves out snowman to keep my house from feeling naked after the holidays. I found your snowman today because I also found a blog I will now be following. Happy Holidays

    • Karen, I know! I hate taking down the Christmas decor because the house looks so empty! Since I live in Ohio where it stays cold until March and April, I like to keep winter decorations up and then change to Spring in April! I am so glad you found my blog and will be stoppin by yours!

  2. Oh my gosh!! This is such an awesome idea!! I love it when things like this happen on accident!! I love that you added a light to it too. It makes it look great! Thanks for sharing! pinning!

  3. I love snowmen and yours is adorable. 2 questions. did you hot glue the bowls together and what type of battery operated light? I’m only familiar with battery operated window candles. Thank you for sharing and, Merrrrrry Christmas!

    • Debbie, I did not glue them together, they sit nicely inside the other so no glue necessary. I purchased a 20 bulb light strand from my local craft store, Pat Catans. I am sure you can buy them from JoAnns or Michaels. They run on 3 double AA batteries. If you make one, make sure to keep the bowls separated until the spray snow is dry, once dry then you can stack them. Have a Merry Christmas!

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