Bench Makeover with Metal Effects by Modern Masters!

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I completed this bench makeover with Metal Effects by Modern Masters  and Thompson’s WaterSeal Deck and House.

Bench Make over ~ Metal Effects~ Modern Masters~Thompson's WaterSeal

I love free, and this bench was given to me from Mr. DD’s business partner.  Steve is always on the look out for pieces for me, so of course I took this bench.  

Bench Make over ~ before

She is showing some neglect, just a bit.  The stain had worn away and the metal was rusting away.  I like the aged look of the metal, but it was too rusty for my taste.  I wanted the aged patina look but not all the rust, so my answer was Metal Effects from Modern Masters.  

Bench Make over ~ Metal Effects by Modern Master'sI took the bench apart and began to scrape off the loose rust with a small metal brush.  

Bench Make over ~ Metal Effects~ Applying primer

The next step after cleaning is applying 2 coats of the Metal Effects primer.  This step is necessary so the patina does not eat away the surface you are applying it to.   

Bench Make over ~ Metal Effects~ using Bronze base paint

Next is applying the base color.  I chose the bronze shade as I wanted the bench to have a subtle look and not pop out so much.  

Bench Make over ~ Metal Effects~applying blue patina

After applying the second coat of paint and while the second coat is still wet, you apply the patina.  I used the blue patina color.  I loved watching and seeing how the patina color came out over the paint.  

Bench Make over ~ Thompson's WaterSeal Deck & House

Next was using the Thompson’s WaterSeal Deck & House.  I chose to use the solid stain in the color Black Walnut.  I wanted my bench black, black as I could get it, since my shutters and trim on the house are black.  I sanded down the bench slates before applying the new stain.  I chose to stain the bench instead of paint knowing the stain would hold up to the harsh winter weather better than paint.  

Bench Make over ~ Metal Effects~ Thompson's

Once placed back together, I decided I wanted more pop against the black stain.  I might take her apart again and apply some more of the green patina to get more of the metal to pop.  I am sure that will be on the back of my to do list, so I will just have to see how the bench continues to patina over time. 

Bench Make over ~ Metal Effects~ Thompson's- WaterSeal

I cant wait to complete some more projects using the Metal Effects by Modern Maters.  My next project will be using it on a dresser to sell at the shop.  My intention was to sell the bench, but that changed after I set it in the yard, it grew on me and it began to call the space its home next to my shed and garden.   


Bench Make over ~ Metal Effects~ Thompson's-10

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21 Responses to Bench Makeover with Metal Effects by Modern Masters!

  1. I want to try this paint. Trying to decide what I want to use it on. Thinking a dresser for our Sons room.

    Shannon ~

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