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I want you ALL to give a GREAT BIG WELCOME to my fourth “Blog Anniversary Sponsor”

Now here is Jessie from the Thriftiness Miss!

Hello there Designed Decor readers! I’m so happy to be here with you and DeDe today! My name is Jessie and blog over at The Thriftiness Miss
Since Spring has sprung, I thought I share one of my favorite post from last year.. A Fabric Scrap Flip Flop Refashion! 


The Thriftiness Miss

First off I have to give a big YAY for flip-flop weather! I live in them all summer long. If any of you remember my first Flip Flop Refashion than you know I love them… and sandal season means cheap flip-flops 🙂 To make these I spent $2.06 altogether.
One pair of plastic flip-flops for $0.98. These are the good cushiony ones that I picked up at Wal-Mart. It’s the best deal I’ve found on flip-flops yet.
One fat quarter of fabric for $0.97. You could do this with any piece of scrap fabric you have, but you want the fabric to be at least 53 centimeters or just less than 21 inches long. 
Plus I spent $0.11 in sales tax to make a grand total of $2.06! This is the simplest flip-flop refashion in the world too. If you can braid you’ve got it down. 
First, cut off the straps of the flips flops from the bottom.



Next, cut the fabric into six strips and separate them into two groups of three, layering them with the print side up.
Then, thread the ends of one of the groups of three into one of the back holes of the shoe and secured it with a safety pin.
After that, braid the fabric all the way down and thread the ends through the other back hole of the shoe.
Then, pull the middle of the braid into the front hole and adjusted it over your feet.
After that, twist the remaining fabric on the back and hot glue all the fabric into all of holes. 
Repeat with second shoe.
They don’t look like much off your feet but they are super cute on and really comfortable because the fabric is soft against your feet.
I made these in about a half hour so they are a great quick craft project… and you know you won’t run into anyone with the same shoes as you 🙂
Let’s Connect! 

I’d love to have you stop by and say hello sometime. I truly enjoy meeting and getting to know all the wonderful people out there!

 Thanks so much for having me DeDe!

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I want to Thank Jessie from the Thriftiness Miss for offering my great readers an ad spot and also for sharing this great tutorial on how to make your own flip-flops!

Are your feet ready for these adorable flip flops?



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