Thanksgiving Point – Tulip Festival 2013!

What an added treat I had while I was at the Snap Conference 2013 in Utah. We received free admission to visit the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.

Tulip Festival Thanksgiving Point


The schedule was full for the Snap Conference and it would be tough to sneak in a trip to the Tulip Festival.  Saturday started out with rain, chilly and overcast.  We had a 2 hour break before dinner on Saturday and the sun was shining; so one of my roommate’s Wendy and I decided to make a break for the Tulip Festival.  I am so GLAD that we decided to do this, what beauty. 

Tulip Festival 2013 Flowers

 The weather has been somewhat chilly for this time of the year in Utah and not all the tulips were in bloom.  There were still plenty of flowers to photograph.

Tulip Festival 2013 Grounds 

 The views and the structures were just breath-taking.

Tulip Festival 2013 Structural features


I could have spent an entire day in this place.  There is  nearly 100 different varieties of tulips on display at the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival. Featuring 250,000 tulips displayed in the 55-acre gardens, the Tulip Festival is an awe-inspiring sight that is re-designed each year to create a new display. 

Tulip Festival 2013 Water features

The water features are absolutely beautiful and I was in awe of the Waterfalls.  I could have sat down with the sun warming my body and just listen and watched the water.  There is something so peaceful and calming about water, maybe it has to with the fact that I am a water sign.  My thin places on this earth are always located by a body of water, or even just a bath or a long hot shower. 

Tulip Festival 2013 Cross

 The sculptures were also a thing of beauty.  This was a very peaceful part of the gardens.

Tulip Festival 2013 Flowers 1

Even though we had to rush through the Tulip Festival, I enjoyed every step.  If I lived close to this place, I would be there all the time.  I am sure it looks beautiful no matter what the change of season .  Wendy I am so glad that we made this happen.

Tulip Festival- tulips with a mountain view

What about you, have you ever seen such a display of beauty all in one place?


Tulip Festival 066

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3 Responses to Thanksgiving Point – Tulip Festival 2013!

  1. The gardens were absolutely spectacular. I would love to go back one day when there’s a concert in the park, those waterfalls in the background are amazing aren’t they. I think if I lived close by I’d spend all summer having picnics right there.

  2. I’m so glad that you shared these pictures. I missed out on the tulip festival. I was a mess with time with the time change and I didn’t leave myself any room for this. Beautiful pictures. I love the statues and the flowers are just breathtaking. Your last photo is simply perfect!

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