Stenciled Dressing Table Vanity!

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I am on a stenciling kick and I knew this vanity needed some extra details to make her have a whimsy feel.  I turned this stenciled dressing table into a beauty by adding a few stencil designs and added touches

Stenciled Vanity - Tissue Paper Chair-21


She looks so pretty with all the extra details that the stencils provided.  I used the Budding Clematis 3 piece stencil kit from Cutting Edge Stencils.    I love this pattern and how it gave this vanity the extra glam.   

Stenciled Vanity - before

It’s hard to believe that this is the same dressing table.  This vanity was donated to me from my husband’s partner, thanks, Steve!  This vanity had seen its better days and had a horrible black paint job.  

Stenciled Vanity - prep work

I had to sand this piece down a lot due to the major drip marks and filth that was left behind.  I ended up painting the inside draws to this piece because they were in horrible shape.  

Stenciled Vanity - stencil layout

I started by choosing 2 of the stencils in the 3 piece kit, and I also used one of the butterfly stencils.  

Stenciled Vanity - Cutting Edge StencilsFound the perfect placement and I taped the stencil securely into place.   

Stenciled Vanity - using a brush technique

I used a lighter shade of the Creme de Menthe by Maison Blanche Paint Company.  I will share more on this paint when I post about the technique I used on the chair.  Let me just say, I LOVE this paint!  

Stenciled Vanity - Tissue Paper Chair-21

See how adorable the butterflies are!  I love the monochrome look of the paint and how the stencils added the perfect whimsy touch to the dressing table vanity.  

Stenciled Vanity - Tissue Paper Chair-14

It’s all the little details that make this vanity stand out. 

Stenciled Vanity - Tissue Paper Chair-20

See all the details in the chair?  I can’t wait to share with you how I achieved this look.  


Stenciled Vanity - Tissue Paper Chair-21 

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18 Responses to Stenciled Dressing Table Vanity!

  1. The chair detailing is so unique. I refurbished a set of four of these guys that go along with a metal topped table. I used the set in my dining nook up until a few years ago. Nicely done.

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