Smile Brilliant~ Teeth Whitening System!

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I whiten my teeth and I am a former front desk receptionist at a dental office.  When Smile Brilliant asked me to review their Teeth Whitening System, I gladly said yes.  

Smile Brilliant~ Teeth Whitening System

I had whitening trays made 10+ years ago, so I was curious to see how this system really worked.  I admit, I was a skeptic, especially since I know what is needed to make a whitening tray.  The above kit arrived in the mail with everything you need to make your trays and to whiten your teeth.  

Smile Brilliant~ Teeth Whitening System Kit

Smile Brilliant supplied you with a great step by step tutorial and pictures on how to mix the paste and how to place the trays in your mouth to make the mold of your teeth.  

Smile Brilliant~ Teeth Whitening System- Base Paste

It was simple to mix the 2 putty’s together and place in the tray.  You don’t have much working time before the putty begins to set up, so be ready once the putty is mixed together.  

Smile Brililant~ Teeth Whitening System- Placing molds

Mr DD. is the one who benefited from the Smile Brilliant kit.  I already had whitening trays and did not need new ones, so Mr. DD volunteered to be my guinea pig.  The only negative thing I have to say about Smile Brilliant is the size of the trays. I have a tiny mouth, and when I say tiny, I mean tiny, ask my Dentist.  Smile Brilliant should offer different sized trays for people like me.  I could not get the trays in my mouth easily.  I would have not been able to get a great impression since my teeth did not fit in the center of the tray. 

Smile Brilliant~ Teeth Whitening System-Teeth Molds

My husband made a perfect mold.  Look how perfect that bite is, except one snaggle tooth on the bottom!  Smile Brilliant did a wonderful job communicating to your via email about the status of your molds and trays.  Once they received my molds, I received an email stating they would be making my trays. I also received an email stating that my trays are being shipped.      

Teeth Whitening ~ Smile Brilliant~ Completed Whitening TraysWe received the trays, and now the whitening begins.  We had “couple whitening” in the evenings.  We would whiten for an hour in the evening for about a week straight. Mr.  DD reported that he had no sensitivity while whitening.  Smile Brilliant does give you a sensitivity gel for those who experiment discomfort.  I do get a touch of sensitivity, but have never had to use a gel for it.  

Teeth Whitening ~ Smile Brilliant-Professional Teeth Whitening

Mr.  DD. had a shade difference by the end of the week.  He did have some blotchiness but that is normal and the tooth tones down after the whitening process has ended.  I do have another suggestion that Smile Brilliant could add to their kit, a tooth color swatch.  Including this in the kit will allow you to match your before tooth shade to the after, so you can truly know you are lighter and brighter.  I give this kit 2 thumbs up and I would recommend this kit for those who want to whiten and don’t have the money to do this at your dentist office. The price of the kit is $120-$155 based on the amount of whitening gel you would like with your kit.  I know this is very reasonable compared to the price of whitening trays from your dentist.  Remember, I worked in a dentist office and I know the cost of things.   You can also reorder your whitening gel when you need more.  Those retail from $35-$70.  The more syringes you buy, the better the price, so I would recommend the kit with more syringes.  The price of syringes from a dentist office is about $12, so they are very competitive in pricing.   My tip for you is to store your whitening gel in the refrigerator, the gel will keep its potency if store in a cold place.   Please email me with any questions you may have.  I will give you my honest answer and opinion.  


Teeth Whitening ~ Smile Brilliant Kit 


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  1. How nice of your hubby to be your guinea pig 🙂 Glad to see it was working for you! As a long-time soda drinker, I know my teeth could use some whitening!

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