The Great Eyeball Pumpkin from “The CSI Project”!

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eyeball pumpkin1

You can find the craft pumpkins at Michaels. These are so easy to use to create your own unique pumpkin.

I decided to paint mine and an eyeball came to my mind.

Here is how I made my Great Eyeball Pumpkin.

First, I cut off the stem and painted white.

Next, paint the stem black and add the outer eyeball with blue paint.

Then, I grabbed some thin red ribbon. Glue on the pumpkin.

Finally, I added a sparkle in the eye just because I love anything that sparkles.

eyeball pumpkin3

Using it as a fake eye is clearly optional.

eyeball pumpkin4

What are you crafting up this Halloween season?

Whatever it is always remember when you Create and Share. You are sure to inspire!

In life and when crafting!

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Thanks Dee for the great Halloween craft!  I love how simple it is to be crafty and use your imagination and turn an ordinary pumpkin into a unique “Eyeball Pumpkin” that your neighbors will be envious of.  Here are a few other projects that Dee has been working on.  Please stop over to her blog and Say “Hello”  

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eyeball-pumpkin-CSI Project 

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