Dancing with the Stars at Sea!

Here it is, as promised the post about how Mr. DD has a chance to win a free cruise.  We took a Holland American Cruise to Alaska for our 10 year Anniversary and all Holland America ships are featuring Dancing with the Stars at Sea.

Alaska Cruise-128

I informed Mr. DD that he will be dancing with me to learn a few dance moves.  Let me start by explaining the process of how dancers are chosen to perform.   On 3 different days, the professional dancers teach participants the steps to a dance.  The participants learn the dance with a partner of their choice.  Once the steps are taught, you then begin to dance with music.  The professional dancers then choose 2 women and 2 men from all the participants for that days dance.   The ones that were chosen then get to perform the dance with the professional dancer.  Then the judging begins by a panel of 3 judges and audience participation counts as who gets the loudest applause.    The judges chose the top 2 participants from each days dance.  So in the end, they have 6 participants that perform for the final Dancing with the Stars at Sea.  On the first day we were taught the Jive, it was a fun dance and we actually learned all the steps.  Although we did not get selected to dance.   The second day we learned how to Samba.  This was a rough one for use as neither of us could get the step ball thing going on in the middle.  We had fun, but Mr. DD stated we can go ahead a sit down after this one, because there is no way we will be selected for this one, that is when the professional came up to Mr. DD and chose him to dance.  Now is the time that I will state that Mr. DD is not a very good dancer, he just does it because I wanted to do it and he loves me.  You all know those small sacrifices we all do to make the other one happy.

Here is a short video on the initial judging for the practice rounds.

Mr. DD received a 24, which was the lowest score out of the 4 couples.  Here is where the audience participation comes in.  They  award 15 points for the loudest participation, 10 for the second loudest and 5 for the third loudest.  Mr. DD never knew that his wife could be so loud.  I screamed, clapped, hooted and hollered.  Armen, the cruise director stated, “WoW, you really have a loud wife.  They announced the first participant going to the finals which was a young lady from Boise, ID and then Armen stated, I guess you have your wife to thank for this one, as he announced Mr. DD.

DWTS at sea-2
Practicing with his professional partner

The 6 participants were to show up Friday morning for a short practice run and a walk through dress rehearsal.  This is when Mr. DD found out that they are performing on the ships main stage and it was all part of the final show.  The wheels began to turn for Mr. DD, because he knew he would never win with just the dancing alone, he needed to go for the entertainment value.  I want to remind you, the winner has a chance to win a free cruise.

DWTS at sea

Mr. DD decided since it was the Samba that he was dancing, he was going to rip his shirt off at the beginning of the dance.  Remember, the winner has a chance to win a FREE cruise and that is what they do on Dancing with the stars.  Mr.  DD was dancing last in the line up, so the shirt thing was going to work to his advantage.  It did, the audience went crazy as he ripped off his shirt and proceeded to not miss a beat to his dance.  Well, he was missing a lot of beats in his dance, because he can’t dance very well.   The judges were going crazy during the dance and flashing a few 10 paddles before the dance was over.  He received 10’s for his performance from all 3 judges, he left them speechless.  He also received the loudest response from the audience.

DWTS at sea-4
The Judges were speechless!

Each ship(15 total) pick one winner to represent that ship in the finals.   The final 15 participants win a free cruise to take part in a final dance off to select 1 grand champion of Dancing with the Stars at Sea.  We have a 1 in 36 chance of winning the cruise.

DWTS at sea-5
Receiving his scores

Our ship, the Westerdam, has 36 weeks of sailing within the contest dates.  If that were Vegas odds, I would take it.   Now we just wait and see if he is chosen to represent the Westerdam ship in the Grand Finals.

DWTS at sea-7
Winner takes a bow!

We have blocked that week out of our schedule already.  I will be ready for a Caribbean cruise in January.


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