Crayon Art

I have wanted to do this crayon art craft project for a while now.  I first saw it on pinterest and thought this would be a great addition to my crafting area.

crayon art


I have to admit, mine did not turn out the way the one I saw on Pinterest.  The project I saw on Pinterest had the crayon dripping down the canvas.   A couple of times I thought this project was going to be a craft fail.

Crayon Art Supplies


I used Cameron, my Cameo Silhouette to cut out the vinyl wording.

Crayon Art vinyl lettering

Once I removed all the crayon wraps, I placed a crayon in my hot glue gun.  My  first issue with this was the crayons were slightly bigger than a glue stick, I could not just press the trigger to feed the crayons through the hot glue gun.  I had to press on the top of the crayon pretty hard to get it to feed through the hot glue gun.

Crayon Art  first stages of crayon melting


This is how it started out, I had a few of the crayon drips but then my hot glue gun started to place gobs of crayon on the canvas.   At this point I was thinking craft fail, but I decided to keep going.

crayon art - melted crayon


This is how the canvas was looking after melting more crayons.  BIG FAIL!  Except, I am stubborn and refused to give up.  I thought what can I do to make this melt?  A blow dryer.

using a blow dryer to melt crayon


Using the blow dryer was not what I envisioned either.  The blow dryer was melting the crayons, but it was spreading it around the canvas.  I really started liking how it was looking, so I finished with this method.  Yeah, this is going to work, until…

removing lettering from canvas on crayon art


I removed the letters.  The blow dryer method made the crayon melt so much it went behind the vinyl.  My vision was that i would peel off the letters and be left with a white canvas.  FAIL.  Again, stubborn side says how can I make this work?  I decided to outline the letters with white paint to make the letter stand out a little more.

crayon art


So there you have it, my almost craft Fail(twice)  I really do like how it turned out in spite of a few obstacles.  Now if I could just get them hung up!

signature gradual grey

crayon art 004 (3)

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98 Responses to Crayon Art

  1. I think it turned out awesome, as well! And I think it would be a great project to do with my grands. Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday!!

  2. Many years ago I had been told to use an electric skillet to melt the crayons. We would color in the pan and the heat would make the markings melt. Then we would lay our cardstock down over the melted crayons and when we picked up the cardstock it would have all of the colors on it.

  3. I actually like the fact that the lettering is not all white. Adds some charm. Really cute. I can envision writing Noel and then usually only green and red crayons.

  4. Well sometimes things just don’t work out the way we envision them in our minds do they? And for being a double craft fail I say that you did an amazing job! I really love the lettering. The extra outline made them pop, but I really really like the texture that the crayons left under the vinyl. So wohoo, you invented something cool! 🙂 Krista @ A Handful of Everything

  5. I love this! I have never thought of putting a crayon through a glue gun! My 8-year-old son made a bunch of the canvases with the crayons hot glued to the top of the canvas and the crayons dripping down for kids’ day of an arts festival this summer and he ended up selling out of them! I love melted crayon projects…

    • Using the hot glue gun is definitely for an adult, they get too hot for a kid to handle. That is great news about your son selling his artwork!

  6. I love how that turned out! I wonder if the cheap crayons would work as well as the Crayola brand. I guess I could always try. This looks like a great art project to try with the kiddos!

    • Nikki, yes, they worked the same. I had a bunch of generics as well as Crayolas and they both seemed the same to me. I picked the crayons for the colors!

  7. I love it!!!! I think it turned out very unique and I love that you didn’t give up. Very creative and I always wanted to do that craft too! Thanks for sharing!

  8. What a cool idea! I’m not much into crayon art, but I really like how yours turned out. It’s great, when our diy projects don’t turn out like those perfect pics we see on pinterest. Then, it is truly our very own and unique.

    • I thought it was a neat idea and since I have tons of crayons, I decided to give it a try!

  9. Love your piece of art and your stubbornness. They do crayon art at the craft store that I work in all the time. (I work in the quilt shop area.) The girls use an embossing gun to melt the crayons. ( I have not read all the comments so don’t know if you knew that.) Sometime they leave the crayons on as part of the art and sometimes they temporarily secure the crayons, melt them and remove the excess crayon. I actually have three pieces of crayon art above my fireplace mantel right now made by a friend from work. You piece is very different than most crayon art I have seen. I am going to share your post with they gals at work, they might like to try something like this. Great “Fail.” Thanks for sharing

    • I would love if your friends checked out my site and gave the blow dryer method a try! Let me know how they do with it! Have a wonderful day!

  10. Ha, I admire your stubbornness – it turned out really nice. Outlining the letters really made it pop. We often convert “Adult Crafts” into “Kids Crafts”. They never turn out the way they’re supposed to – but they become something entirely different instead, which is loads of fun.

  11. I know the project you are talking about on Pinterest, and I think yours turned out much better! It is really beautiful and honestly, I would have never realized you had use crayons. It looked kind of like watercolor or something like that! Beautiful job 🙂

    • Krista, Awh thanks so much for the nice compliments! It does remind me of a watercolor painting too! The really neat part is the waxy feel that the canvas has.

    • Amy, Isn’t great when a fail works in our favor. It feels so much better than a regular project!

  12. I really like how it turned out! I think I know which pinterest project you were trying and I always wondered how they did that- but yours is so unique!

    • Kelli, Thanks so much! I like how mine turned out! I do like it better than the one I was trying to create.

  13. This actually came out lovely even though it was a craft fail. I like how you outlined the letters! It’s different and out of the ordinary. Don’t feel bad about the fact that it didn’t come out like the Pinterest craft project. I think a lot of the pics on Pinterest are doctored anyway!

  14. Crayons in a hot glue gun? I woulda been afraid it would ruin the gun?! Did you have to clean it then?
    Great job on the perseverance! I woulds given up long ago 🙁

    • Leah, I had 2 glue guns, so this was one reason for trying this. I am able to still use the glue gun, but it is still filled with crayons. It will take a few sticks of glue to go through it before the crayons are all gone.

    • Cindy the blow dryer will be safer to use than a glue gun for kids. The glue gun gets too hot and so did the crayons. Use lots of layers of paper under the project as you are creating.

  15. I really like this idea. I’m going to do this with my kids. My sons love art. This will be a fun project for us to do. Thanks. I’m following.

  16. Why is it that half the crafts I try from Pinterest fail? I actually have seen that crayon art before and thought it looked cool. I have to say I like your version better!

    • Thanks Sara! I really like how it turned out! I think it is really important to be honest and let people know if things work or not!

  17. It’s amazing how several people can do the same project and they can all turn out differently. I really like the 4th picture that says “create” and then just has splotches. That looks cool. Good job!

    • Rachelle, thanks! It is neat to see how each piece of art turns out, interpretation is such a big factor!

  18. For three years, 1993-1996, I was on long-term medical leave due to a chronic pain condition. It was during this period that you could find a lot of crafting shows on television, and I became addicted to watching these shows. I was the “Jill of All Crafts” but “The Master of None” — Painting, Stenciling, Scrapbooking, Decoupaging. Once, I returned to work, this ” creative side” went into remission. Blogging is re-opening the door, your blog may lead me back to my past crafting passion.

    • I hope you return back to your creative side, even if you are not a master of none! I love that phrase! Creating is such a great release and accomplishment!

  19. I love your finished product even though it wasn’t what you envisioned at the beginning . I think it is great that you didn’t give up. I think you got something even nicer in the end. This is a great craft idea. Have never seen it before.

    • Becky, I can still use the glue gun for crayons only, unless I want colored glue, which is a great idea for another craft.

  20. Your persistence paid off! Great ideas to make the project work even when it wasn’t working the way you wanted it to. Turned out beautiful!

  21. What a cool idea! I think sometimes the best things in life turn out to be things that weren’t planned — and that makes them unique! Enjoy 🙂

  22. I love it! It turned out great and way to improvise. With those Pinterest ideas you often have to come up with a Plan B, so I’ve found. 😉 It’s great that you didn’t give up because now you have something beautiful to go on your wall!

  23. That turned out great! I’ve seen that pin and I’m sure if I tried it the same thing would have happened to me only I wouldn’t have thought to get out the blow dryer. Good thinking!

  24. Ooh–i am sad that you are calling this a fail. I like the way it turned out and think that it looks better than the first one! If I were you, I would pin that one to Pinterest. I bet you get a bunch of re-pins! It’s great!

  25. Wow! Thanks for sharing the steps 🙂 There are just few steps but they require so much efforts especially in coming up with an idea on the design and on the feeding of the crayon to the gun.

  26. I love the way it turned out. I have tried a few different crafts from Pinterest, and even though I follow the directions to a T, they still don’t turn out like the picture. Sometimes they turn out better, like in your case, and sometimes they don’t.

    • Alot of my crafts turn out by trial and error! I guess the end result is all that matters!

  27. I’ve never heard of this project before here. Way to post about something you struggled so much with, but in the end persevered! The final project is nice!!

    My only question is does it ruin the glue gun for other projects?

  28. I love it! I like your fails. It sounds like you were able to tweak and it came out looking good, even if it wasn’t quite how you envisioned.

  29. Love it. You see a fail, but I think it looks fantastic. And you overcame your “fail” and rescued it, which is very impressive! Fun post 🙂
    xo ~kim & chloe

  30. I love that you refused to give up! I would have thrown in the towel and chalked it up as a Pinterest fail. I’ve had a few of those myself. And I happen to like the way yours turned out better than the original.

  31. I love how it turned out! I’ve been wanting to try this crayon art for a while, just haven’t figured out what I would do with it yet.

    • Robin, I liked Kim’s(enjoy the View) idea of a tonal color pallet, that way it could go in any room as wall art!

  32. I love that your Pinterest “fail” worked out so well. Thank you for giving me the courage to keep trying, even after I think the project isn’t going to work. You never know what you might create!

    • Megan, I have had a few fails that I worked through and they turned out even thought that was not the plan I had! It is kinda like life, just keep plugging, it will work out fine!

  33. I really like how it turned out! I too have thought about doing this craft – with my grandkids. It’s a good thing you kept on going; you ended up with a real work of art you can be proud of. I think I will go take a look at my Pinterest board and see how the original one was made. I pinned it too.

    • This is a great project for grandkids, just have a lot of news paper to catch all the melted crayons!

  34. Good for you not giving up, this turned out so pretty. I could see this with sliver glitter paint for the letters. I wonder if it would make all the cool colors that you had mixed together stand out. It’s still a beautiful piece.

  35. Good for you not giving up, this turned out so pretty. I could see this with sliver glitter paint for the letters. I wonder if it would make all the cool colors that you had mixed together stand out. It’s still a beautiful piece.

  36. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE this and had no clue it was a fail when I came across the pic on another site!! I wanted to see how it was done as I just think it’s fantastic that I had to do a little leg work to find your page but wasn’t giving up!! Have a feeling it probably is much better than the original plan! IMO!! I so have to try this…just don’t know about any wording….I’ll definitely screw that up!! hehe!! But the color combination and how it mixed together is just beautiful! psssst….bet you could sell these for a pretty penny!! **wink wink* 😀

    • Sandie, I am so glad that you love it! Thank you for being persistent and finding my site! I would love to know where you saw the picture so I can make sure it has the proper link back to my site! I love the idea of selling these!

      • Oh gee…I couldn’t tell you exactly how I came across it to be honest…I know it began with facebook. I subscribe to several different decor/design/crafting type pages and to be honest the email I use for facebook isn’t my every day one so I just saw the notification you replied today. Being it was so long ago already, I’m not sure which one it was. But I know it was showing as *other ideas* on one of the links I clicked? Sorry that’s not helping much! But that’s why I said I had to do quite a bit of leg work to find you! No sure what else I can tell you!

  37. Nice save! I’ve been wanting to try the crayon project – and now you’ve scared me, LOL! Maybe I’ll get a small canvas and start with that. I just have a tiny glue gun and I question whether or not it will get hot enough. I wonder if there is a place that sells crayons grouped in colors so you can do a tonal project?

    • Kim, I am sure there is somewhere that would sell crayons in specific colors, maybe an art store? You may want to skip the hot glue gun altogether and just go for the blow dryer! LOL

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