Cooking and Entertaining with Seasonal Fall Flavors!

Guest post from Katie F. on behalf of  Hefty®.

Cooking & Entertaining with Seasonal Fall Flavors

Now is the time of year when many fall flavors hit their peaks. From sweet fall fruits to hearty root vegetables, fall ingredients can adapt themselves to everything from cool-weather weekday breakfasts to indulgent tailgating appetizers. Seasonal fall flavors won’t last forever, though, so make sure to use them in your cooking, entertaining and decorating before they’re gone! If you’re in need of some fall flavor inspiration, use these easy ideas from Hefty® to get started:

  • Pumpkins

Most of us carve pumpkins during the fall, but they’re also a wonderful food to use for all kinds of cooking and entertaining. Instead of opening a bag of chips at your next get-together, scoop out and clean pumpkin seeds, then roast them with salt for a crispy snack that’s good for you, too. Don’t throw out the pumpkin either; use hollowed out mini pumpkins to serve dips, snacks or even soups. They’ll instantly make any fall get together look more festive!


  • Apples

Whether you load up on apples from the local grocery store or head to the nearest orchard and pick your own, apples are one fruit that you’ll definitely want to have on hand this fall. Pies and crumbles are traditional yummy ways to use this seasonal fruit, but you’re certainly not limited to desserts. Make your own apple sauce for a snack that will make your whole house smell like cinnamon, or make homemade apple cider to serve your family or guests on chilly days.

  • Dates

Dates are the perfect way to instantly add some class to your Sunday night football party. They’re the perfect ingredient to use in deceptively easy appetizers: bake them wrapped up in prosciutto or bacon, or stuff with goat cheese and drizzle with honey for sweet and savory bites. Dates also make sweet seasonal additions to everything from breads and pastries to homemade granola bars; store your bars in plastic food containers for quick fall breakfasts on the go.

  • Pears

Like apples, pears are great in all kinds of baked fall desserts. One of the best ways to serve pears, though, is to slice them up and mix them with fresh greens, walnuts, blue cheese and cranberries for a salad that tastes just like fall. Pears can make any salad look a little fancier without any extra effort on your part! Looking for another fun way to use your pears? Stick pear slices in a grilled cheese!


Get creative in the kitchen and make the most out of these delicious fall foods while they’re at their freshest and most flavorful. Can you come up with other fun ways to serve, decorate or entertain with fall ingredients? If so, share your ideas below!


Author Bio: This is a guest post by Katie F. on behalf of Hefty®. For more fall entertaining and organization ideas, along with products like disposable cookware to help you out in the kitchen, visit 


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