1 Year Blog Anniversary Sponsor – “Organized 31” – Organizing with Susan!

I want you ALL to give a GREAT BIG WELCOME to my first “Blog Anniversary Sponsor”
Hi, I’m Susan from Organized 31. I’m so excited to be here with you at Designed Decor.  I met DeDe in our Blog Mentoring Group {here} . Happy, happy 1 year anniversary, DeDe!  I’ll save you the    off-key singing, but the sentiment is there.
I started blogging less than a year ago because my non-military friends and family are often asking me for advice or help with organizing and moving.  As part of a military family, with over 20 moves under my belt, I’ve picked up a few quite a few organizing and moving tips along the way.  Life in the military is a like life on fast-forward at times.  The advantage to doing so much so quickly, is you have lots of opportunities to practice packing and unpacking, setting up and taking down, organizing and re-organizing in lots of different settings.
I have a practical approach to organizing.  I want to make my life simpler and more family-focused by making it more organized.  I want to drive my life, not have it drive me.  Or that’s my goal, at least as much as the military will let me.
One of the most common questions I’m asked is “How do I set up my kitchen when I move?”  I have developed a step-by-step approach that works for me.
Organized 31 - Moving & How to Set Up Your Kitchen
{more here}
To survive all these moves, I live and breathe checklists.  How does anyone live move without pages and pages of checklists?


I have checklists for finding a town to live in when we move.
Organized 31 - Moving & Finding a Town Checklist
{more here}


Checklists for finding a house to live in.
Organized 31 - Moving & Finding a House Checklist
{more here}
I have checklists for calculating my children’s allowance.
Organized 31 - How to Calculate Teen's Allowance
{more here}


Once in a while, I do take a break from checklists and have some crafting fun with an organizing theme, of course.



Organized 31 - Repurposed Mentos Container
{more here}


Organized 31 - Repurposed Earring Holder
{more here}


Organized 31 - Upcycled Tuna Box
{more here}


Then to relax and take a break from crafting, I do just a little organizing.
Couch Potato Organizing Your Tees


Organized 31 - Couch Potato Organize Your Tee-shirts
{more here}
Organized 31 - Couch Porato Organzing Paperwork
{more here}
3 Steps to an organized linen closet
Organized 31- 3 Steps to an Organized Linen Closet
{more here}


So if you’re interested in a little relaxing organizing and crafting, drop on by and visit me at Organized 31.  Hope to see you soon. And one more time, “Happy, happy anniversary, DeDe!”



I want to Thank Susan for donating an item to my celebration.  Susan and I have become acquainted with each other for the past 11 weeks through a blog mentoring program, it has been such a great pleasure to meet and get to know such a great lady.  Thank you Susan!  Here is the items that Susan has donated for the giveaway. 

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