1 Year Blog Anniversary Sponsor – Mindful Matters!

I want you ALL to give a GREAT BIG WELCOME to my fifth “Blog Anniversary Sponsor”

I am excited to share another great sponsor from my 1 Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway.  I want to introduce you to a very talented lady who designs and handcrafts these beautiful  earrings.   Welcome Diane from Mindful Matters.

These are the earrings that Mindful Matters is giving away to 1 lucky winner in the 1 year blog anniversary giveaway!

My earliest memories of jewelry making are stringing beads with the much “older” (…she was all of 16 at the time) artsy lady in my neighborhood. I was delighted to be invited on a regular basis to these  little bead fests where we would  string colorful “love bead” necklaces and bracelets while listening to the Beatles, Cat Stevens, etc. and drinking herbal tea….it was sheer bliss!

For the past decade,  I  have turned my artistic  efforts toward designing  uniquely beautiful, one-of-a-kind  polymer clay and metal jewelry pieces  not only to  unleash my creativity  –  but  as a vehicle to practice “mindfulness” or the state of truly being in the moment.   With the hectic workday routine and our culture’s emphasis on multi-tasking, appreciating the present moment can be a rare treat.

I am a chemist by training who has always loved working with my hands and have been awestruck by the beauty and complexity of nature’s designs. As a kid, I was nicknamed ‘the human spirograph’ due to my ever-present doodles of elaborate geometric patterns. Now, with polymer, precious metal clay and sheet metal  in hand, I am working to translate those geometric designs to new media. I am a proud member of the Pittsburgh Polymer Clay Guild and the Northeast Ohio (Cleveland) Metal Clay Guild. These talented groups inspire me to work with new materials in my quest to approximate nature’s artistry!
Diane @ Mindful Matters Jewelry Design

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Mindful Matters has mixed metal, hair accessories, bookmarks and much more in her Etsy Shop.  Please stop over to see the beautiful pieces that Diane designs and handcrafts!







Thanks Diane for contributing the beautiful earrings for the giveaway!

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