Vanity Makeover!

When I was a teenager, I always wanted a vanity to sit at to do my make-up and hair.  I had a small built-in area in my bedroom, but it was not the vanity I always wanted.  Here is a picture of me when I was about 17 sitting and doing my hair.  

built in vanity


Wow, I had forgotten what a typical teenage girl bedroom I had.  I am looking at all the posters, pictures and stuff I had – everywhere –  Today, I could not stand to have all that stuff.  So when I came across this vanity, I knew I wanted to buy it and give it some TLC with a Vanity Makeover. 

Vanity Table and Bench-before paintingThe funny thing is, it is not for me, because I still do not have an area for a vanity.  I made this one over to sell at my shop.  

1960's sewing box

I needed a chair or a bench to go with it and came across this 1960’s sewing box at a garage sale.  It was in its original state and was in good condition, except it had a slit on the top of the bench.   

repairing the lid with Gorilla Glue


I decided since the sewing box was in great shape, not to tear off the original coverings and I would just cover over it.  I used Gorilla Tape 1.88-Inch by 35-Yard Tape Roll to seal the tear in the top.  The Gorilla tape will probably outlast all the material original and new.  

replacing fabric on sewing box


I did tear off the inside material on the sewing box lid and used the original cardboard template to add my new fabric too.   I had to sew 2 pieces of fabric together to wrap around the base of the sewing box.  I thought the chevron pattern looked better in this direction so the lid and base would match up when closed.  

adding piping to sewing box base


I hot glued a matching color of piping around the top and bottom of the base to cover up the staples I used to attach the fabric to the sewing box base.   Painted the legs with Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue and spray painted to caps in a soft metallic gold.  

Vanity and Bench- after


For the Vanity, I used the Duck Egg Blue as an accent color.  I did make my own chalk like paint for the base using a cream color all over and using a tan color for the swirl pattern.  

Vanity and Sewing box makeover


I have to admit that the sewing box is my favorite.  It makes the entire vanity come together.   What about you, did you have a vanity as a teenager or do you use one now?  

signature gradual grey


Vanity Table and Bench-17


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