First Trip Planned, Travel to “50 States before turning 50”

A few weeks ago, I made a goal to see all 50 States before turning 50.  Well, here is an update to our travel  plans.  Since I inspired my husband (informed him of his new goal) to have the same goal, we only have 1 year and 9  months to carry out visiting his 4 states.  So we decided that our Anniversary trip ( #9) this year will be a driving trip to get 3 of his 4 states.  We will be traveling from our home in Ohio towards Arkansas.  Stay the night in Little Rock, Arkansas and the next day see the William Clinton Presidential Library.  This is the one and only thing that we wanted to see in Arkansas.

Natchez, Mississippi (36)
Natchez, Mississippi (36) (Photo credit: Ken Lund)

We will than head to Natchez Mississippi, we will spend a few days in the Natchez area.  My husband would like to see Vicksburg, Mississippi, because he just helped our youngest son complete a project on Vicksburg, not to mention he is a history buff.  We chose to see Natchez Mississippi because of the wonderful history and our very close friends used to live in this area and have given us so much information about Natchez and its beauty.

We will be heading home through Alabama.  We are still undecided about what to see and do in the state of Alabama.  After this trip that will leave us with” 1″ state to complete my husbands “50 states before turning 50.”  The 50th state will be Alaska, we have decided our anniversary trip for 2013 will be to see Alaska via a cruise.   For those of you that missed the “Goal Setting” blog about the “50 states before turning 50,” here is the link.

Before our marriage, my husband and I promised, to value our time together and our marriage.  One of the ways we have done this is by taking an anniversary trip every year for just the 2 of us.  I will be adding to my travel blog section with the travels we have taken and the fun times we have had with just the 2 of us.

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6 Responses to First Trip Planned, Travel to “50 States before turning 50”

  1. I’ve gotten all the lower 48 but still missing Alaska and Hawaii. My travels have slowed down as my wife and I have opened a B&B in North Carolina. We’d love to be a stop, when you pass through this area. Looking forward to reading more about your travels. Never give up and have fun along the way. Here’s our blog:

    • Greg, I am envious of you and your wife running a Bed & Breakfast. If I could do anything and money where no object, I would run a B&B. It takes alot of blood, sweat and tears to run a B&B. As I stated before, my husband and I love to stay at B&B’s, we will put you on the list. I took a look at your blog and your website, you have a great place. Looks like a beautiful place to stay and especially live. Tell your wife I can empathize with the kitchen renovations, I was without my kitchen sink for 5 weeks, UGH! Good luck to you!

      • My wife is already a saint for putting up with me for the past 20 years, but her kitchen is almost done. I got the last tiles put in today and countertop goes in tomorrow.

        We look forward to having you guys one day soon.

        Happy Travels,

    • You live in such a BEAUTIFUL state. I will enjoy every bit of it, rain or shine. I absolutely love your photos on your blog. Wow, you have some great talent in photography.

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