Top Blog Posts from 2014!

Happy New Year!  

Top blog posts from Designed Decor


It is so hard to believe that another year has come and gone.   This year I decided to give you a quick rundown of my top blog posts from 2014.  If you have been following along all year, this will be a nice reminder of the fun we have had!  If you are new, this will give you an opportunity to see the best of the best.  

Designed Decor Top Blog posts from 2014


I was a little surprised on a few of these items being the top visited blog posts from 2014.    

DIY Liquid Laundry Soap pinnable

#10 – How to make Liquid Laundry Detergent! 

I started making my own laundry detergent over a year ago and I am still using this recipe.  This tells me that it works and it is not that hard to make.  Stop over to see how easy it is! 

Repurposed Dresser ~ Wine Bar-12

#9 – Dresser to Wine Bar! 

This was one of my favorite pieces to complete!  I did use the embossing cream on this one too.  Stop over to see the before, it is worth it! 

repurposed pallet clock-pinnable

#8 – Pallet Clock! 

Pallet projects seem to be very well received, so I will continue to make pallet projects!  

Drop Leaf Table and Chairs-10

#7 – Drop leaf table with Modern Masters! 

Maybe it was a clean look of the table or it was the giveaway that went with the post.  I think you like giveaways, but stop over to see the before of this one! 

Stenciled Dresser ~ Wood Icing-pinnable

#6 – WoodIcing a dresser front!  

I love this stuff and I guess you all wanted to learn how I did it too! If you missed this post, you can stop over to see how I turned the plain front dresser into this carved wood beauty!  I have used this type of product and many pieces and will continue to transform ugly pieces into pretty ones!  

House Tour ~ Living Room-25

#5 –Summer House Tour!

I don’t know if it was my house or Cinnamon aka PPB!  Stop over to see a quick tour of my house and find out what PPB stands for!  I will be sharing more of my house as I get things complete enough to share with you all. My first few things I will be sharing is my guest bedroom and the boys bathroom.  

Pallet Wall Decor-pinnable

#4 – Pallet Wall Decor!  

Again, another pallet project!  I guess you like to see me build things out of scrap wood pieces.  

 Blog Planner Pinnable

#3 – 2014 Blog Planner! 

This has been my best friend over the 2 years since I have been blogging.  I could not find one that worked for me, so I created my own and have continually made improvements to it.  Yes, I will have a 2015 version and I will be sharing it with you on Monday.  

 How to Clean a Microwave-pinnable

#2 – How to clean a Microwave the Easy Way! 

This one does not surprise me at all.  We all hate to do this job, so why not learn how to do it the easy way?  I can guarantee that I do this all of the time and my microwave can be clean in 5 minutes with no scrubbing and hassle. 


Repurposed T-Shirt Rug-pinnable

#1 – Repurposed T-Shirt Rug!  

This T-shirt rug took a lot of hours to complete and I was never so happy to get it done and I can guarantee that I will never do another!  You can click on the link above to read how many pieces of t-shirt fabric it took to complete this rug!  


So by the looks of this list, you like cleaning help, DIY projects, my home and blog organizing!  I will keep bringing you more things in these topics and all the many other things I manage to complete in 2015.  

I do want to share with you my TOP blog post of all time. This one is huge and continues to bring new visitors to my site daily.  

Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins 034

ALL- Time Favorite Blog Post – Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins!  

This is my family’s favorite recipe and by the visits, it is everyone elses too!  I love all the comments from people who have made this recipe.  They have made it and come back to tell me how much they loved it!  This is the main reason that I blog, I love helping others and hearing the feedback makes it all worth it!  

I am wishing you a very HAPPY, HEALTHY and PROSPEROUS 2015!  

Did you find out what PPB stands for?  Leave me a comment if you did!  



Top blog posts 


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