How to Make a Spring Tulle Wreath!


I want to share the guest post in did over at The Frugal Girls, last week. I shared with Heidi and her followers “How to Make a Spring Tulle Wreath.”

Spring Tulle Wreath

You can make this wreath for under $20 or less depending on the size of the wreath you would like to make.  I only spent $6.50 since I had some of the supplies on hand. I first saw this idea at Michael’s Project Boards.

Spring Tulle Wreath

Supply List:
Styrofoam Wreath
Scrapbook paper
Silhouette CAMEO

Spring Tulle Wreath 004

Start by cutting the tulle into 12 inch strips, you can make longer if you wish. I think I used approximately 30 strips of each color, maybe a few more?

Spring Tulle Wreath

You can wrap the entire wreath form in the tulle is you desire. If you decide to only use the tulle on part of the form, then start to wrap your ribbon around the form. I used hot glue on the back side to hold the ribbon in place. Continue to wrap the ribbon to the desired length. Now begin to wrap and tie the tulle around the wreath form. I tied each tulle piece with a basic knot. Move the tied tulle to its desired location, with the knot on the outside of the wreath form. Continue to tie and knot until you have the tulle to the desired length around the wreath.

Tulle Wreath 008

I chose coordinating scrapbook paper to make the SPRING letters.

Tulle Wreath 011

Cut 2.5 inch circles with your base paper and cut 2 inch cardboard circles. I used Cameron, my Silhouette Cameo cutter to cut my circles. You can read about how I name Cameron here. Using a straight pin, place pin through the middle of the cardboard circle.  Evenly space the cardboard circles onto the wreath form.

Tulle Wreath 1016

Now begin to assemble your SPRING letters. I used double stick tape to adhere each of the pieces. I cut out the letters with my cricut, because I don’t know how to get Cameron to make shadow letters like my cricut does. If you know how, please contact me and let me know. I am afraid to sell my cricut for this reason, shadow letters.

Making a Spring wreat with tulle. #Tulle Wreath

The great thing about the Tulle wreath is the possibilities are endless. Go to Pinterest and search Tulle Wreath, you will see all the variety. You can see how I displayed my wreath by visint my Spring Mamtel post.   



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