Looking for Sponsors for my 1 Year Blog Anniversary!

I am looking for some great sponsors for my “1” Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway.

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It is so hard to believe that I am approaching my 1 year blog anniversary.  As I sit here making plans for my blog anniversary, I can do nothing but smile and thank God for all the blessings he has given me in this past year.  So, with these blessings comes a celebration for my fans and a giveaway.  In order for me to celebrate and have a giveaway, I need help from the others in the blog and Etsy worlds.   I am looking for a few good sponsors to offer a giveaway which could be anything from gift cards, Etsy shop items or ad space on your blog.  The giveaway should have a value of at least $10.  I will compensate you, as a sponsor, by giving ad space for your blog or shop on my side bar for the entire month of April and a guest blog post.  Interested sponsors please contact me via email.  I also want to thank Jessica @ Thriftiness Miss for being the first sponsor by offering ad space on her blog.  Go over and check out Thriftiness Miss because she is having a giveaway to celebrate her 1 year Blogging Birthday, too. 

I am looking forward to a great 1 year blog anniversary!  Please help me celebrate!


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  1. Hi! Congrats on 1 year. I am willing to offer 3 months of ad space on my blog. 200×200 space. I am a smaller blog but would love to help someone grow their blog/FB/IG/Pinterest/etc.

    I look forward to working with you.


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