Sponge Painted Clay Flower Pots!

Last week I shared the gifts that I gave my roomies at the Bloggy Conference I attended, and I sponged painted clay flower pots for the ladies.  I am all about using the craft supplies I already have on hand, so I decided I would use the small clay flower pots that I have been stock piling.

sponge painting flower clay pots


I made 5 of these clay flower pots and each one of them is a different color.  Let me start by saying that sponge painting was not my original inspiration.  I saw on pinterest that you could paint flower pots with nail polish.  I grabbed all the nail polish that I don’t use any more and headed outside to start my flower pots.

 painting flower clay pots with nail polish


You can follow this great step by step tutorial if you would like to try this technique.  I found my inspiration from Henry Happened.  Let’s just say that her clay pots turned out way better than mine.  I completed one and moved on to the sponge painting technique.

painting flower clay pots with nail polish


Maybe this is not as bad as I think, but I wanted mine to have more nail polish coverage.  Maybe I did not use enough nail polish?  I had 2 things happen that told me to move on.  My polish kept balling up and dropping to the bottom of the bucket and once I dipped the clay pot bottom and pulled it out of the water, I had huge clumps of nail polish that settled in one area.  I had to wipe the clumps off.

using nail polish to paint


Plan B, sponge painted clay flower pots!

supplies for painting flower clay pot


I went to my craft room to find paints that I had on hand.  Remember, I like to use craft supplies I own!  I cut up a sponge and used lids to my plastic paint containers.  I started by using a cream color as my base.  I randomly placed sponge paint marks all over the clay pot.  I let it dry and applied a second color over top of the base color.  I wanted the clay to show through, so that is why I used the sponge to apply both layers of color.

using sponges to  paint flower clay pots


This is such a simple and easy way to make a hand crafted gift!

sponge painted clay flower pots

signature gradual grey

sponge painting flower clay pots-10

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