A Simple Nightstand makes a Big Impact!

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I love when something so simple looking can turn around and make a big impact, like this simple little Nightstand.  

Simple Nightstand - Big Impact

This piece has seen its better days and was ready for the trash.  I always find a little bit of good in all these tossed to the trash items.  I took one look and thought she is sturdy and I think she can have a new life, so I took her home.  


I don’t think she was very pretty in her former life, but she told me she had the power to have a little sparkle.  It always amazes me what a little TLC and paint can do to transform these pieces.  She sure is pretty now with a coat of Tropical Cocktail.  

Sanding with Ryobi

I started by lightly sanding down the entire outside surface.  This piece had some type of glossy covering, so I wanted to be sure to get great adhesion.  The majority of times, you do not need to sand with Country Chic Paint, but you should sand on anything that has a shiny or gloss finish.  

Country Chic Paint- Tropical Cocktail

I applied 2 coats of tropical cocktail and waxed with the antique wax to give the piece some more color and depth.  I spray painted the inside of the drawers and the knobs in a deep bronze color.  You can always tell when a piece of furniture was in a kid or teenage room, they have stickers and drawings on the inside, that is why I chose to spray paint the inside of the drawers.  

Tropical Cocktail End Table

I am loving how fun of a color this tropical cocktail paint is, I cant wait to use this color on a few old picture frames.  

Simple details in the handles

What about you, do you think you could use this fun color on some furniture?  


Tropical Cocktail End Table-7

11 Responses to A Simple Nightstand makes a Big Impact!

    • Trine, the coral is a great color! I am redoing my guest bedroom and using coral as the accent color! I love painting furniture and seeing how pretty they can be.

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