Silhouette~ Black Friday Sale!

It’s officially “Black Friday,” according to all the sales events, and Silhouette is having their “Black Friday Sale”  I remember the days when “Black Friday”  started on the actual Friday after Thanksgiving!  Don’t get me started.  The only form of shopping I do on “Black Friday” is online, so won’t you join me!  

Black Friday Silhouette Sale~ Use Code DESIGNED to receive your discounts

It has been officially 2 years since I purchased my Silhouette Cameo, Cameron.  Yes, I named my Silhouette!  I purchased mine on a “Black Friday” sale because this is the best time of the year  to get one.  Please make sure use use this *affiliate link to go over and make your purchases and be sure to use the code: DESIGNED to get your discounts.$IJxsqdOA&ad_id=33   You DON’T want to miss this sale if you are in the market for any of the Silhouette products.  

Repurposed Window - Wall Decor- Christmas Decorating-

This is the newest repurposed window I have made using “Cameron”  I will share the tutorial on this one tomorrow.  Here are a few of the other projects I have used my Silhouette Cameo on.  

Countdown to christmas frames-

Countdown to Christmas Frames

repurposed pallet coat rack-

Pallet Coat Rack

Silhouette Heat Transfer Tutorial

 Heat Transfer Apron

Make sure you go over to check out the new products from Silhouette.  They have a new Cameo cutting machine and new colors in the vinyl.  I think my most used product is the vinyl.  

Black Friday Silhouette Sale

Don’t forget to use my code: DESIGNED and this link to get there.$IJxsqdOA&ad_id=33   Stay tuned tomorrow for the tutorial on how to use the double sided adhesive from Silhouette.  

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and make sure you take every minute to enjoy those around you!  


Black Friday Silhouette Sale

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