Shell Accent Table~ French Lime Paint!

I made over this plain shell accent table with French Lime Paint by Maison Blanche Paint Company.

Shell Accent Table with La Chaux French Lime Paint-5

I love this French Lime Paint and how you can manipulate it to look layered and aged.  I never took a before photo of this one.  It was that 1980’s golden oak look, which was extremly popular and not so much now.  

La Chaux Shell Accent Table

I used the color Printemps and sealed it with a white Lime Wax from Maison Blanche.  

La Chaux Shell Accent Table-11

I will need to do a video on how to use this paint.  It is really easy to work with, it jus takes a little patience.  

Shell Accent Table with La Chaux French Lime Paint-2

This paint would also be great to use on a furniture piece that has a lot of imperfections or missing veneer.  French Lime paint is very thick and should be applied thick so you can have the layered look.  




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