Repurposed Radio Cabinet Coffee Bar

I found this old radio cabinet at a garage sale and I knew it would have to become a bar of some type.  I decided I would keep it for myself and turn in into a coffee bar.  


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She was in BAD shape.  Someone had already tried to transform it at some point in its life, but let me say they did a horrible hack job.  They had a piece of this and a piece of that they used as shelves.  


As you can see I had to remove the back, to get to work.  I had to remove the existing bottom shelve since it was hacked together and not a smooth full shelf.  I added a shelf to the middle bottom area, so I could get more storage in the bottom.

I removed another hacked together shelf and added one more shelf on the side that flips up.  This will hold a Plexi storage container that I can use for ice and cold beverages.   


I had to add some wood putty to the shelf above so the shelf would be a smooth transition. 


The Plexi container I purchased had handles that were a tiny bit wider than the cabinet, soMr. DD carved out the wood on the sides of the cabinet so the container would fit down onto the shelf.  I sanded down the top of the cabinet and the interior shelf and stained using Java Gel.  I prefer my tops to be stained as that seems to stand up well to everyday use.  I also love the look of stained wood and paint.  


The cabinet was all prepped and ready for some paint.  I made a custom blend using Amy Howard One Stap Paint.  I have a favorite accent color that I wanted to use in my home and could not find the paint color, so I made my own.  


I started by having the inspiration paint swatches on hand and I could color match to the tone of the paint I was looking for.   As you can see from the sheet above, it was a lot of trial and error and finding the right balance of blue and green paint to get the perfect green-blue tone I wanted.  I ended up using 15 parts Rugo, 4 parts lime, 1 part black and 1 part white.  


I used my Wagner Flexio 890 Paint Sprayer and made this video to show you how easy it is to spray furniture. Wagner also makes a Home Decor Sprayer which is an entry level sprayer for those of you that would only use the sprayer on occasion and not weekly like me.



I also used the dark wax to deepen the color and highlight the carved accents on the coffee bar.  


I did a little research on Zenith radio cabinets and found this one on e-bay which looks like an identical match to what mine used to look like before I found her gutted.  I discovered these were made in the 1940’s.  So my cabinet has many years of use and abuse before she received this new life as a coffee bar.  


I think the family is enjoying having the coffee bar and it seems like they are drinking more coffee too.  


I have my stash of adult coffee additives stored near the top for convenience.  


Achieve this look:  Silver Serving Tray, Printers Tray, Print Letters, Clear Locking Jars, Irish Coffee Mugs, Jumbo Coffee Mugs,  Syrup Pumps and Jarsrepurposed-radio-cabinet-coffee-bar-drink-station-11

This is a tempory location as I will be moving the coffee bar into the dining area once I get the painting done.  I also will be sharing a post about those shelves above the coffee bar this week for our Power Tool Challenge.   








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