Repurposed Pallet Wood Arrows!

Arrows are a hot decorating trend right now, so I decided to do like the rest and make a few repurposed pallet wood arrows to sell in my shop.  I had left over pallet wood from making the repurposed snow flakes in the winter, so this is the wood that I used for the arrows.  

reclaimed wood arrows- repurposed pallet wood arrows - pinnable

I made a few differnet sizes, stained them and dry brushed a few too. 

Pallet Arrows-measurements

I thought it would be easier if I just posted the cut sizes on my photo instead of trying to explain each cut.  This is the larger size arrow that I made and for a smaller one I just decreased the sizes on each cut.  I guess you can say I “eye-balled it”  

Pallet Chevron Arrows measurements

The chevron style arows I cut 2 pallet boards with 45 degree angles and used different directions on my cuts, this way the same faded color tone would be on the same side up.  You don’t have to do this, except you would need to flip the board over when assemblying if you cut all in the same direction.  

Pallet Wood Arrows-

Here are a few shots of the arrows on display at the store.  

gallery wall

They sold quickly, so now I need to make a few more.  This is a simple DIY project that you can do with any wood scraps laying around in your garage.  If you missed my post a few weeks back, you can read about how I repurposed the old paint ladder into a decorative shelf.  



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5 Responses to Repurposed Pallet Wood Arrows!

  1. Hi! Just trying to do my second ever DIY project and I think I messed up!…so that bottom piece on the arrow isn’t 7.5″ to begin with? I cut my pieces the 7.5″ then read the post more thoroughly🙄Do you know about how long they should be before the cut? Sitting here trying to figure it out but…tks!

    • Kim, Oh no! I hope you have figured it out. No, you don’t cut the bottom piece 7.5 and then cut the angels. If I understand your statement, you cut the wood to 7.5 and then you cut the angels. If you did it that way, you should be ok, they will just be shorter than mine and they will still look ok. I think it is more about the 45-degree angle and not so much about the size. I have seen so many of these arrows done with different sizes. I would love to see your final project, send me an email.

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