How to repair a broken mirror frame corner!

I want to share with you a simple method on how to repair a broken mirror frame corner.  I came across a great bargain on a 4-foot by 6-foot mirror.  The original price on the mirror was$200 and was marked down to $60(AS IS)  The mirror frame had a corner that broke off in shipping.

broken mirror corner ~before


I could not pass up this bargain and I knew I could fix it.  I was shopping for a dental office that I was decorating and knew this was the perfect mirror for the space.

smooth finish


I used this product called Smooth Finish by Flora Craft.  This product is used for floral foam so you can paint the foam.  I also had this in my craft supplies, it was a sample from the Snap conference.  I decided since the product was easy to form, I would give it a try.

repairing a mirror with smooth finish



I held paint sticks up to the edge of the mirror to use as a guide to get a straight line to form the smooth finish product.  Once I was happy with the form I let it dry for a few days before painting.

color matching the mirrors base color


I mixed black and brown paint together to get the base color of the mirror.  I painted the white corner completely with the black/brown paint mix.

mirror repair-

I found a metallic bronze color in my paint supplies and mixed that with a cream color to try to match the gold accents on the mirror.  I applied the accent color in the same design pattern on the mirror.  I was not happy with the accent color that I mixed the first time, so I found gold and silver paint in Mr. DD’s artist supply box and mixed those together.  I was happy will the color mix with the gold and silver, and painted over my original color mix.

Mirror repair ~after


Good as new!  If you look close enough, you can see the imperfections in my corner, but it was well worth the price of the mirror!

How to repair a broken mirror corner

Sorry for the bad close up pictures, I took a lot of the pictures with my phone.   As you look at the mirror from the distance, you can’t even tell which corner was broke.




6 Responses to How to repair a broken mirror frame corner!

  1. This is a repair for a broken FRAME corner, not for a broken MIRROR corner. The mirror is in a frame.

    • Kallee, Now you can buy them because they can be fixed! I was determined to fix it because it was the perfect mirror at the perfect price!

    • Shanna, It worked out great for this project. I have also used it to repair the bottom of a stool leg. Leave it to a DIY’er to find other uses for products they have on hand!

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