The Pretty Christmas Tree!

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I know the Christmas festivities are starting to happen, and every weekend seems busier and busier. I am so glad I was able to finish my decorating last week. We have 2 trees at our house. We have the “Love” tree, which is the tree with multi lights and all the kids and family ornaments. Than we have the “Pretty Tree”, which is my tree. I love white lights and pretty things on my tree. The first Christmas after Randy and I married I placed white lights on the tree and all 4 boys complained that they liked the multi lights better. So the following year the boys won ( since it was 5 to 1) and we placed the multi lights on the tree. The third year, I went and purchased my tree so I could have my white lights and the pretty girly things. So the “pretty” tree is what I am sharing with you today.

Pretty Tree
Pretty Tree

Every year my husband has purchased me a “Pretty” ornament to go on my “Pretty” Tree. I have to say he has done a fabulous job picking out some pretty ornaments for me. Here are a few of these ornaments.

pretty ornaments
pretty ornaments

I have also made a few of the other ornaments that are on my pretty tree.

Glitter ornament
Glitter ornament

This glitter ornament I made by using the magic bubble liquid with the gold glitter for the inside of the glass ornament. I than decorated the top of the ornament with gold ribbon and gold leaves and accents. I made 6 of these in different variations.

Heart Ornament
Heart Ornament

This heart ornament was handmade also. I purchased a plastic heart-shaped ornament that comes in two pieces. I filled each heart with potpourri and decorated the top with gold and burgundy ribbon and accents.

I made 2 other Christmas decorations to sit on my table in the same room as the pretty tree. The first was this candy dish.

Flower pot candy dish
Flower pot candy dish

The candy dish is made out of a clay flower-pot and a glass vase. I painted the clay flower-pot and clay base with a burgundy spray paint. Than splattered white paint over the burgundy to get the snow specs. I than hand painted the “let it snow”, and glued the foam snow flakes on the base and lid. I used a glass adhesive to adhere the vase to the clay pot. You could also add a wooden knob to the lid as an added feature. Since I don’t use mine as a candy jar, I decided not to add the wooden knob to the lid. I filled mine with gold and silver ornaments. This makes for a great gift to fill with special treats.

Lighted Glass Block
Lighted Glass Block

The next addition was my lighted glass block. I drilled holes in the back of each block with a glass drill bit. I filled each block with a white strand of whites lights. I than wrapped each block with the same ribbon that I have my “Pretty” Tree, and placed a big bow on the top. There are so many ways to decorate glass blocks. You can read about the many ways that I have decorated glass blocks. I also have a few glass blocks for sale in my “ETSY” shop. So this year I will be adding the “Zipper Christmas tree ornaments” to my pretty tree. I shared those with you last week. You can read the tutorial about how to make the “Zipper ornaments” here. Do you have fun family trees? Leave your comments on what are the special items hanging on yor tree.

Pretty Tree
Pretty Tree


Pretty Tree
Pretty Tree

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  1. Ohhhh, so pretty! I love that you have your own tree to decorate how you would like.
    Thank you for linking up to Raising Imperfection!

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