Pottery Barn Spring Gift Card Giveaway!

How about a Pottery Barn Spring Gift Card Giveaway to start March off right.  That’s right, one lucky winner will be receiving a $300 gift card to spend as they wish.  

Pottery Barn Spring Gift Card Giveaway

I want to give you some inspirations for your spring decorating with the help of Pottery Barn.   I also want to share some frugal ways to achieve the Pottery Barn look without breaking the bank.  


First up is an old ladder to hang blankets or towels.  I want one of these to hold towels in my bathroom.  I also want to let you know, to look at your local antique stores before rushing out and purchasing at retail.  I just found one for $90, and that is a lot cheaper than $179 price tag.  


Next up is vintage globes for decorating.  I love the look of these black and whites globes.  I have looked for a smaller size globe so I can paint or decoupage one to match some of the colors in my house.  If you find one at a thrift store or garage sale, you can easily spray paint the base and add some cool vintage book pages or music sheets to give it that vintage flare.  I am still holding out that I will find one soon.  


The last item I want to share is glass bottles or jars.  Using different color bottles and jars throughout your house can add color and height to a vignette.  You can do so much with a simple bottle; paint it, decoupage it, glue glass beads on it, or turn them into a light,  the ideas or endless.  Make a list of some items that you would love to use for decorating in your home.  Keep your list in your purse so when you are out at your local thrift store, you can refer back to it for the items you were wanting.  I get overwhelmed when I am thrifting and my mind goes into overdrive on all the cool things I can make or do and forget the items I wanted.  

Now, onto the giveaway!  

Pottery Barn Spring Gift Card Giveaway

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How would you spend the $300 Pottery Barn Gift Card?

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Pottery Barn Spring Gift Card Giveaway

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