Painting shelves and a Table for my Son’s Room!

I moved the youngest boy upstairs to the attic bedrooms so I could turn his room into a guest bedroom.  Incase you don’t know, I have never had a guest bedroom because we have a five bedroom house with 4 boys.  As each boy has grown up and moved out, we have moved the younger boys to the upstairs attic bedrooms and now I only have the youngest boy living at home with the second youngest only home on college break.  

painting shelves for the boy's attic bedroom


I started his room by painting the shelves and a side table.  

Using Annie Sloan Chalk paint for a bedside table


Here is the before pictures of both pieces. 

bedroom shelves before


bedside table- before


The shelves I have owned since they boys were young and they have been painted a few times.  

adding fabric to the backs of shelves


I took off the backs of the shelves, which was just a heavy cardboard and covered them in fabric.  I used spray adhesive and trimmed the fabric once it was adhered to the backing.  Do you see my adorable professional photo bombing dog in the above photo?  This is what I call her.  It seems she has a way of getting in each one of my photos.  Of course she is just posing so cute for this one.  

measuring and cutting fabric


using a fabric cutter


I painted the shelves red with my homemade Chalk-like paint recipe.  

prepping a bedside table for spray paint


I decided I was spray painting the wire on the bedside table.  The hardest part was taping and sealing the table so I did not get spray paint all over it.  In hindsight, I did not need to do this since I was using chalk paint, but decided I should just incase the spray paint had bled through with such a dark color.  I sometimes like to take the long way to do the simplest project.  

bedside table- using Annie Sloan chalk paint


For this table I used a sample size of Annie Sloan pure white paint.  I did water it down a little since I was not distressing the table.  I wanted the chalk paint to go on smooth.   I think she turned out pretty cute with the added red accent colors.  

painting bedroom wall hooks


painting bedroom shelves


I also painted some wall shelves, all using my homemade chalk-like paint recipe.  Next week I will be sharing a lamp I repurposed using an old lamp and the fabric from the back of the floor shelves.  Each week I will show you another completed project for the boys bedroom and then I will share the final reveal.  

signature gradual grey


painted bedside table-


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